Monday, June 22, 2009

Kuwait's Scorched Earth Policy

I don't understand it. Why does Kuwait bare the expense of hiring drivers with bulldozers and backhos when they could just use napalm? It's inexpensive, easy, and does the same job: It scorches the earth leaving a bare patch with nothing but sand left.

There were lots of trees along the Ta'awn (sp?) Street (Bilajat extension towards 6) in front of Rumaithiya yesterday when I left for work. When I got home, there was literally a parade of dump trucks, bulldozers - you name it - clearing the land. Almost everything is now gone. People stood in front of their homes with sorrowful faces, watching it happen. It was an invasion. Why ruin nature?

His Highness The Amir's home is very closeby. I know he's a man who loves beauty - just look at Beit Salwa - gorgeous. Why cut down trees so close to his home?

Please tell me that they are planning to plant grass and trees along the route - like the seaside in front of Salmiya. Please tell me. Please. I'm looking for something comforting about this distressing situation today.

I know that Kuwait is now, in broad and general terms, the "State of Apathy", but you would think that someone, somewhere, somehow might voice even a RELIGIOUS concern - as the Quran does indeed say something about the goodness of foliage. If "church and state" is not divided in Kuwait, then someone needs to GET ON THIS.

I could understand if the plants posed a threat to traffic. I could understand if there were structures on the sites that should have been removed, but PLANTS? Palm trees? Bushes? Why Kuwait? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Mark at 248AM blogged about this subject also at HERE with photos. This is happening all over Kuwait.

People in other countries are PLANTING trees, and in Kuwait, the government has a policy of tearing them up.


nYx said...

I have rephrased this comment atleast ten times to be politically correct and also so that I dont invite anyone's ire: Not a "confrontationalist" at all!

I think its sad that some people dont like trees and are not realising the effects of global warming which most definately shall wham wham wham human and living populace in a few decades!

I could write more, but less said the better!

Have a splendid day.

A 3 AM Flight said...

'Kuwait is an arid country with severely harsh climate. Summer months are extremely hot, accompanied with frequent sandstorms, and winter is mild with relatively low rainfall (100 mm/yr). These adverse climatic conditions call for additional criteria for plants to be used in the country. Several new residential areas are being established in Kuwait due to the increase in the population and urbanization. These areas require massive greenery activities to alleviate architectural structures and enhance their microclimate. Additionally, several other landscape projects are being executed in response to the national greenery plan. This study was conducted on ornamental trees exported from India and Australia to ascertain their adaptability to Kuwait's climate. The importance of such an endeavor stems from the fact that trees beautify the country's surroundings, increase property values and help save energy. A total of twenty five species of trees were tested in the urban development garden (coastal site) and also in the inland site to study their suitability in both conditions. Out of the twenty five trees in the inland site, seven species did not survive the prevailing environment, whereas six trees showed hundred percent survival and the survival percentage of twelve species varied between 40 and 80%. On the other hand, the survival rate of the majority of the tested tree species was almost 100% at the coastal site.'



a) trees were being moved to a different location to increase property values, etc.

b) trees were found to be requiring a lot more water than other varieties

c) trees were found to die quicker than other varieties and so were taken down due to financial reasons

d) Kuwait is really cruel

The above are policies countries around the world employ, including the good old US of A.

I found your calling of Kuwait as being an apathetic country distasteful. Perhaps in your eyes Kuwait isn't doing enough in certain areas but rest assured Kuwait is lending a helping hand or overseeing places of need, you're just looking elsewhere.

Scorched earth policy? What you've seen isn't even remotely close by definition, I know you weren't being literal but still. We all know which countries have in fact employed the actual scorched earth policy and who came up with it, be it during times of war or other matters.

And let us not forget that Kuwait in comparison, to the other countries you so obviously are comparing it to, is quite new in terms of its creation. And thus, Kuwait deserves an equal amount of time to develop and redefine its infrastructure and policies.

And on a not so serious note, you can't really trace a person's IP address, you can just use them to see if an anonymous person has posted earlier under a different name : D

Desert Girl said...

A 3am -

Are you trying to justify why it is ok to cut down foliage (not just trees)?

I find that in many areas, apathy prevails in Kuwait. But again, this is my own personal opinion. Distasteful? Hmmmm. That's one person's opinion.

Kuwait is INDEED lending a helping hand elsewhere - just not to the TREES ON MY BLOCK. This wasn't about the millions Kuwait has sent overseas to help needy people (Plant trees?) while there are plenty of poor people - including Bidoon - right here at home. This post wasn't about that, was it? It was about the trees in my neighborhood. I think that most of the people standing outside their homes felt the same way I did.

I (as in me) do not believe that trees are brought in to increase property value. Are trees therefore cut down to reduce property values?

I think you take yourself (and me) way too seriously. Seriously: I was indeed taking poetic license about "scorched Earth", but from what I now see outside my window - it is just that: SCORCHED EARTH. Where there once was grass and shub and trees - there is now dust blowing around in the wind.

And should we exuse the country for being "young"? That's kind of a lame excuse, don't you think?

I don't believe ANY country - including the good ole US of A - has the right to do what I personally witnessed yesterday.

Anyone taking the amount of time you did in justification of it is just a shame. I'm sorry people think that way.

As for the IP address: The MOI requests IP traces through the use of subcontractors quite often...

A 3 AM Flight said...

Of course I'm not justifying the cutting down of trees. I was merely providing possible reasons the baladiya / government did what they did, instead of painting them as being monsters without a face.

Trees are cut down/removed sometimes due to financial reasons amongst others, yes.

There is always going to be dust blowing around, Kuwait will never be 'green', people often forget what Kuwait is and what nature intended for it to be, a desert.

All the greenery we see in Kuwait has been imported, and vast amounts of water resources are being diverted to keep them alive in a place where they don't belong, a very costly practice to employ in this part of the world.

It's deemed as being a lame excuse because we live in an era where the West demands or expects everyone to undergo the revolutions and changes they went through in the blink of an eye.

Again I'm not justifying what they did, I was merely pointing at possible reasons as to why they removed those trees rather than going 'OFF WITH THEIR HEADS'.

For the casual person, the IP identification systems blogspot/wordpress offer by default do not amount to anything, I didn't mean those who knew people in the MOI obviously.

: )

Desert Girl said...

3 AM - One word: DUBAI

Anonymous said...

A 3 AM Flight seems to be someone irrational. I wouldn't pay them any attention. Very weird outlook when you think Kuwait should be returned to desert. Sounds kinda teleban-ish!

Anonymous said...

OH I KNOW I KNOW!! GREED Pure and simple. Somebody somewhere will be making money off of this. Maybe someone has a new contract to put in new trees etc. so the old ones come out first OR a new building is coming up, widening the streets??. Trust me if ANYTHING is happening in this country its for money it used to be money or sex but now it's just money. ASk a Kuwait over 45 about how HUGE the greenbelt park used to be. Years ago there was a campaign to get rid of all the trees because TREES were causing the car accidents not the idiots behind the wheels!. Gail

Desert Girl said...

My tolerance threashold of how immature 3AM is has been breached, so I've decided to end that thread. Feel free to work it out on your own blog.

It is interesting to note that the trees on the sea side of the road (in front of Rumaithiya 5) have NOT been taken... those in front of the house of the VERY person who will likely get the contract for putting in ... get this.. NEW TREES.

You are quite correct, Gail.

crib311 said...

I live in Florida, and I admit that yes, I've taken all the trees here for granted. You have given me new appreciation, guys.. Thank you DG . Wish we could send you some killer houseplants or something..