Monday, June 08, 2009

Giddyup Cowgirl!

I want one of these (and I know that you secretly want one too). "Healthcare products" from Al-Yousifi!

I'm pretty sure that it could enhance my swing - although not necessarily for golf. I do believe my muscles have "weakened" recently. I want it.

Desert Girl Questions (on everybody's mind)

  • "Insufficient exercise" - As in where?

  • Is it customizable?

  • What are the settings?

I am wondering where I could put it that polite company won't see it when they come over. Most of my friends would be just fine (Slapperella has cowboy boots with spurs and I'm pretty sure she has matching chaps), but yaaaaneeee - what happens if my mother comes to visit?

Yeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaa

Funny that - I want steak right now.


frortdrum said...

i think it's modified Sybian with straps

Edi said...

That is quite an expensive ride. It had better be durable. At least it will not be possesive, needy, or jealous.

nyx said...

Hahahah! Howard Stern could actually use this for his upcoming shows!! Plus why does Kuwait manage to come up with these things? I mean they look like recreational items but matter of factly speaking they are really "Recreational". Did you guys read about the "pink ring" article in the papers? LOL!

Jewaira said...

you learn something new every day

when your mom comes, you can send it over to my place

Anonymous said...

have some one translate the Arabic part for you


abolesanzalef said...

oh my Allah.....cowgirl in your work,,,,i think it will be very nice specially if you have

Rasputin said...

I'm surprised that this doesn't have humps akin to a camel, that would have been far more localized

Roopesh said...

A pure waste of money I would say or someone else would say. A golf swing ?.Looks like you might buy it , use it , ditch it and have a swing at the product owners ,eh ? ;)

btw: eat your 'stake' wisely or els without excercise you put your life at 'steak'

Slapperella said...

I'd be happy to rent my boots and chaps out by the hour for you DG.

"A pure waste of money"??? How could someone say that? This is home entertainment at its very best.