Thursday, March 26, 2009

I’m addicted to plants

I feel the need to post now that one of my readers claims he is straying.... So people, try to keep up.

I’m not good at plants. I kill them. I try so hard not to, but it must be my high electromagnetic field or something – their little leaves fall off and they wither away. I’m sowwwwwwwy.

Now that I have a terrace outside, I’ve been buying plants like an addiction. I never realized how much I have missed trees and green and foliage until I got a few plants on my terrace. These days, you can find me just staring at them on the terrace and listening to the birds (and brats nextdoor).

I’m becoming that weird old lady next door that all the kids were afraid to approach, but that everyone had a different story about. Perhapsee I should float some of my own exotic rumors. I like the one I invented years ago (to keep the biddies from asking me, “Wheeee! Haram! Why aren’t you married?”) about my husband the fighter pilot who was killed in the war defending Kuwait. Every now and then, I also float one about my husband, the business man with shady connections: It is said that he has is involved with the mafia and that I can’t live anywhere near him - even in the same country. It is just too dangerous. And then there’s the one that I killed my husband and I’m on the lamb from the long arm of the law. I’m known to fits of aggression, so that one actually makes the most sense to people. Why did I kill him? Well, it could have been any little thing; PMS for example.

Anyhoo, Back to my story…

My plant addiction has also turned into an outdoor-wall-art addiction, a planters-in-the-shapes-of-animals addiction, and an outdoor furnishings addiction. This having a terrace thing has opened up an entire new world for me – outside.

I love rhododendrons. DC is full of them in the Spring and I have been buying a lot of them lately.

Ok, this whole plant addiction will last about 4 more days before it becomes holyshitthat’s hot.


Anonymous said...

Hahahha ! as hilarious as ever! i only wish i had a terrace like tht for my temporary bursts of plant addicition! but thts the thing about being in a desert with "scorching good enough to make a poached egg on the street" heat..its difficult to keep a consistent pattern in maintaining them..coz the weather just puts u off..

Btw how do u deal with the brats who make noise that makes u wanna become the children serial killer of the neighbourhood:)

Vaidegi J said...

:)very entertaining the blogs, and touches quite a varied range of topics!! ;)

Anonymous said...

DG... my advice since I do have a court yard, and have wasted tons of money on plants... get small palms they sure can take the heat! of course always put a layer of gravel in the bottom of the planters, it will help separate the water from the roots, thus no boiled roots in the summer!

I love court yards...
I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;) pictures that is


Desert Girl said...

Gravel in the bottom of the planters - I didn't know about this. Thanks for the tip.

Sometimes I feel like I have boiled roots!

Anonymous said...

Don't try gravel in your bottom for that boiled roots feeling... am not sure it works for humans :)

Show us pics of that court yard!


theparrot said...

My new crib is looking very... barren. Any suggestions on where to buy some nice indoor plants?