Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Envoys and Petey and Infertility: Oh My

I’m lovin the weather. Gotta tell you – I wish I was anywhere but stuck inside my office with smelly subcontractors running back and forth trying to get paid for their work (as IF). I want to play outside.

I got into it again with a certain person last week. Bless his heart (the Texas way). There are some people that no matter how hard you try – you just aren’t ever going to see eye-to-eye with them. I try, but we are like oil and water. I try not to shoot daggers out my eyes or wish evil things, but alas…. Notsomuch.

I’m making friends with one of the neighborhood cats, Petey. Petey is jet black (all good witches should have one) and his sisters, Paint and Petunia are both multi-colored. (Don’t ask me why I decided to name them all with a “P” – I have no clue. Petey’s name just took on a life of its own.) Petey is my favorite. The 3 P’s are teenaged cats – born after I moved into my place, so they have always grown up with Desert Dawg around. Petey seems to be DD’s guardian: he sits at the top of the stairs, quietly gazing down at her. Desert Dawg seems to have the same admiration – she sits and stares at him too. Neither seem to want to break the distance; they’re just happy sitting there and looking at each other. I wonder what they’re thinking. Petey has started sleeping between the cushions of my outdoor furniture. I bring him meat and milk, but he still hisses at me every time I get close. He’s not as tolerant of me as he is of Desert Dawg. The 3 Ps don’t shit on my doorstep (or oddly, anywhere around my terrace). They all seem to be very well-mannered cats – and I don’t even like cats really.

I went to look at cars last night at KFH. OMG. I can’t believe car prices are still so high. WTF. They are dropping all over the world… but here. I know that Kuwait is 30 years behind the rest of the world, but they should know that there is a global economic crisis going on and that at the moment, car manufacturers everywhere have a surplus. Even the lease prices are still high (299 kd non-refundable down on an Envoy and 185/mo on a 1 year lease, 175 on a 2 yr). Get real. Well, banks in Kuwait are still giving credit, and people in Kuwait will never skimp on cars, so I guess that’s why things are still high. It just sucks. I know what you are thinking – I am going to look at new ones: KD4500 for an 09 Envoy. WTF over. I’m thinking for that – I could sell it to one of my friends when/if I leave. You know – that’s really stupid. Every single year, I think that same thought – which keeps me from being non-committal on a car purchase that might save me money.

Let me just say that I am still really enjoying the service I receive at Kuwait Finance House. I had some dealings with the ladies section at Khaldiya and they are very nice there also. Overall, I like KFH these days. Several of my friends have had real problems at NBK lately and I haven’t had any at all with KFH.

While I was at KFH, I saw one of my mutawaa friends (it could happen – shut up!) that I worked with years ago. He’s a serious religious guy, but where I used to work, there were religious people who epitomized what Islam should be all about: Kindness, tolerance, understanding, and a friendly attitude towards everyone – not just people of their own faith. I went to his brother’s wedding and got to know the family. We worked for a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House and I had to wear hejab at work. Dead sexy….its a long story. Anyhoo, I knew that this guy has been married for years (like over 10) and something was wrong and he and his wife couldn’t have children. He is the nicest guy and I’ve been wishing good things on him, so when I saw him there and he said his wife just had a baby boy, I was so so so so so happy to the point I was almost tearful. So, I called his brother a little while later to say, “mabrook” and that’s when he told me that mutawaa friend had taken a 2nd wife and she had the baby – not wife #1. Wife #1 was very upset by this, so she asked for a divorce – and the family was actually upset with her for breaking up their little family. Ummmm…. Otay…. I am happy for mutawaa dude, but I would have been so much happier if I hadn’t heard the whole story or if he and #1 were having the baby.

Bunny’s friend and his wife had a similar story. They spent some astronomical amount of money on infertility treatments in Kuwait before finally going to the UK and producing a child. I wonder what the stats are for failed infertility treatment here in Kuwait.

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