Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dealing with cancer

Several of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer lately. Ladies - you haven't had one recently: Go get a mamogram!

The excerpt below is from my sister to my friend, CT, who I have known since I was 9. We used to be inseperable, but I guess several oceans, marriages, kids, careers, life has managed to keep us apart. I miss her a lot and she is one of those people that REALLY knows me. CT is going through treatment for breast cancer. My sister went into remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1995. I think it is advise anyone who has a friend or relative with cancer should pass along:

  • Synthetic wigs are better than the real thing, but they still suck.
  • Get a catheter for chemo if you don’t have one already, your kids will think you are a BORG but WTF
  • If someone tries to stick you more than twice tell them to find another phlebotomist.
  • Stay away from the rotisserie chicken part of the grocery store after chemo
  • Why-why why does everyone ask how will you handle losing your hair, ITS NOT ABOUT MY HAIR!
  • One word ATIVAN. Loved it to sleep
  • Your mother may drive you more crazy than she already does.
  • People always know the WRONG thing to say
  • Medical personnel are tired and often angry, but make them know you. They need to know you. Show them pictures of your kids. Your life is in their hands.
  • Sometimes the person gawking at your wig in the grocery store, wore one once.
  • You meet some really really great people on this journey.
  • Listen to yourself, you will hear things, and be closer to what is important than ever before.
  • Meditation/healing CDs are helpful and sometimes hokey
  • Have a cancer film festival with girlfriends and wine. (Desert Girl) and I went for Beaches and Brians Song, you get the picture!
  • Fake boobs are so much easier to deal with, no underwires, no inserts for push up, when your 80 they will be 35. The benefits go on and on.
  • You should like your doctor and his/her staff you will be with them for a long time to come, it helps to be comfortable.

    Okay that’s all I can think of off the top! It is a lifelong trip you are taking. It sure seems like you are already as good a person as you could be, but you will be better for this. Anyhow, I hope I don’t sound too sappy. This is just a subject I have some personal experience on, although I fully understand that everyone’s experience is their own.


jessyz said...

I hope your friend gets well soon. It really is so important to get screened and to learn how to self test in your twenties to know what healthy breasts feel like and keep checking to catch anything (God forbid) early.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. Every other year someone close to me dies from cancer. And everyday I think maybe i'm next.. i'm not trying to be pessimestic but this is life and its full of surprises..

Abid said...

"# Stay away from the rotisserie chicken part of the grocery store after chemo"

Why is this?

Anonymous said...

DG… I’ve been reading your blog exclusively for the past year or so… but since you haven’t been posting regularly, I had no choice (being a man) but to start reading another blog (no names!)…so yes I am cheating on you… am sure I can handle two blogs in my life but you have to know, not only is it my nature… but you drove me to it!!


Desert Girl said...

Jessyz - thank you. :) Very true. Called a "baseline" mamogram.

Anonymous 1: I know SO many people... What is really shocking is when you know someone who has died of AIDS and realize how many people in the world suffer in silence from that horrible disease.

Abid - Guess ya never been to the States, eh? Ok, let me splain it to you, Lucy: You know the chickens in the roaster cases on Shaar al Amaan? Well, in the States, those are inside the grocery stores and the smell is very strong. When you have chemo, smells affect you.

Anonymous - OMG! Men are so fickle. Did I not just POST yesterday? I bet the other blog your visiting isn't as pink as mine! :)

Anonymous said...

DG…I wanted more posts, but three in one afternoon! I can’t handle that… in yesteryears maybe but these days I can only manage two if am lucky and the subject is exciting.
To answer your question, the other blog isn’t as pink nor special as yours, but it is new… me need change!!

Men are only fickle, when it comes to there… pickle :)