Monday, March 02, 2009

How to amuse yourself during a dust storm: our media

Expatriate ‘lost’ at sea as rescuers abandon search in high waves
Arab Times, Local, Sunday March 1, 2009

Al-Shuaiba firefighters acting on information from the Operations Room at the Ministry of Interior undertook a fruitless exercise in bid to rescue an expatriate who was stranded on a leaking boat in the sea. Sources said the fireman gave up the long fruitless search after one of their colleagues fainted due to severe wind and high waves. He was rushed to Adan hospital for medical attention. Meanwhile, the expatriate’s whereabouts remain unknown while his cell phone also remains shut, sources noted.

* * *

DG Commentary:

Ok, that is just messed up.

Firefighter dude faints; which in itself should probably not be printed in the paper, but if it is, then at least print her name, so I know. Aren’t firemen supposed to be tuff? I know for sure that marine firefighters train, and train, and re-train (supposedly in all kinds of weather including high wind/seas). I don’t think they should be perceived as sissies, Nancy boys, or wimps. That would be wrong. And dude was rushed to the hospital? After fainting? Yeh!

What about expatriate dude on the leaky boat? It sounds like the Keystone Cops.

“…the expatriate’s whereabouts remain unknown while his cell phone remains shut…” Yeah, no duuuh – dude is fish food because they left him out there to die for a fainting episode.

I’m guessing he was like an Egyptian or Indian or non-Western expatriate, right?

* * *
Enuchs Caught
(Same date, source)

Police have arrested two Kuwaiti transvestites. They were caught shoplifting at the Adaliya Cooperative Society, reports Al-Anba daily. According to a CCTV camera installed by the coop caught the suspects red-handed.

The coop administration then called the police before the suspects escaped and confiscated from them the stolen goods including a makeup set.

* * *

DG Commentary:

Let's round up the eunuchs!!!! Maybe we could have a eunuch rodeo!

How did they know they were Eunuchs? Wikipedia definition of Eunuch. Did the reporter follow up? How did he discover that they were castrated? Transvestites are cross-dressing drag queens. Inquiring minds want to know.

I thought that a social committee had been formed by concerned citizens to rehabilitate all the transvestite eunuch gays in Kuwait. That didn't happen? No electric shock therapy or anti-gay pills? What up now with transvestite enuch shoplifters? Sounds like a theme for some politically-correct advertising campaign.


Jewaira said...

They actually wrote eunuchs! lol

Intlxpatr said...

Desert Girl, are you sitting down? The "lost at sea" story got a lot worse! The guy who called in the emergency made it back to land, exhausted, TURNED OFF HIS CELL PHONE AND FELL ASLEEP! NO! He didn't call the emergency people and tell them he had made it to shore. So they were out there looking and searching, trying to call him, get no answer, think the worst has happened, and he is at home sleeping!