Monday, October 29, 2007

It's a small country!

I was happy to learn that 2 of the 4 newly appointed ministers are friends. One of them is the guy who helped me get to Kuwait way-back-when. He was responsible for getting me my first job here and turned into a really good friend along the way. I met him on my first trip to Kuwait in 1993. He used to call me for “unique” perspective (say it in English or Arabic – he does). I saw him in Washington and saw his unique perspective.

The other guy is the brother of one of guys in the “Name that X boyfriend” photo…. Lets just say that they both have the same toes and that is how I re-connected to my friend when I got to Kuwait. I heard the last name and then I saw the toes and I knew!

See, I know jailbirds AND politicians…

My life is so interesting (to ME – shut up!)


Pinky said...

Well, I wish I had that much potential Wasta!!! He he he.

Nicole said...

The world is small, especially in Kuwait ;)


Joel said...

Lol! Life can be interesting if we shut up! :D said...

you think thats funny, im close friends with both very very high people in the government as well very close with some people in the opposition party here in bahrain, so whether we have a political turnaround in the country or otherwise, i still have my connections, lol

Bride To-Be said...

now you're dangerous .. grl!