Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DG Request for Dirty Aliases

Every once in a while this happens – someone mentions aliases and I start thinking dirty (again and as usual). The short list I came up with was: Jack Meoff, Som Yungai, Lotta Gue and Seymore Butts. I know there are more. Please post a comment if you have good ones. I can’t think of any more right now. I'm sure that creative people like Purg can help.

I had a dream about The Man last night; well, he was not actually there, but it was about him. It freaked me out so bad that I felt compelled to send him an SMS. (Fuckit now the SheDevil will probably do something in retaliation as he tells her everything. P-word!) Oh well. I didn’t’ want to leave it on my conscience and if something had happened and I hadn’t said anything – it would be my bad karma. Anyhooooo… I used to be so wrapped up in him that I was kindof psychic about events that were happening in his life. I haven’t had any “messages” like this since we broke up. The event in my dream took place exactly at 1:30 in the afternoon in Jleeb (the old Jleeb): The sky turned dark and black and I thought it was night, so I asked what time it was. Three bad guys – who seemed to know him or be affiliated with him in some way (maybe even bad police men) kidnapped me and took me there (someplace next to a big tank like an oil/gas storage tank). I kept asking where he was. I knew without a doubt that something really bad had happened to him. The bad guys dumped my car somewhere in the desert and took me away. I couldn’t get away and I felt really frustrated that I couldn’t help him. I know that his supervisor was involved somehow and that he was being “interrogated” in a way. Holy shit – maybe he’s being interrogated by the SheDevil and he’s being held captive and tortured….

Terrible dream and it came out of nowhere (because I went to sleep with dirty thoughts of someone else dancing in my head). It has left me in a bad mood today.

And then I went to the frickin dentist… which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Dr. Ahmed at International Clinic only took 45 minutes to repair my tooth and it didn’t even hurt. I didn’t cry and I didn’t punch anyone in the face (like I did when I got my root canal done way-back-when in the States). Thank God, Dr. Ahmed caters to cowards like me. I’m going back to get more done with my newfound bravery.


Purgatory said...

Purg is a dirty alias on its own.

Purg me
Do the Purg
Purga Purg


Ammaro said...

oh oh oh,,, i used to have so many of these haha, ok lemme try an remember...

Max E. Padd
Hugh G. Rection
Eileen Yulick
Hugh Jass
Moe Lester
Mike Rotch
in an asian/philipino accent: Juan Abuckmee


Stinni said...

Heywood Jablowme sounds nice to me.

Desert Girl said...

Rolling on the floor laughing... TOO PHUCKIN FUNNY!!!!!


Stinni said...

I can't believe nobody has offered up Mike Hunt yet. I actually had a Mike Hunt in my 6th grade class and yes, he was called over the PA system during indoor gym class one day.

Stinni said...

But I didn't go to school with a Mike Hawk...

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget:
Harry Paratestes
Pussy Galore (Thank you James Bond)
LicMei Weiner

Anonymous said...

Ivana Tinkle
Maya Buttreeks

Desert Girl said...

Stini - we were at the SAS at the pool one crowded Friday afternoon when there were a lot of Westerners around. We'd been on the bottle - and there was a Filipino lady on the PA system that day.... I called the main reception from my mobile and asked them to page Mike Hunt at the pool. People were killing themselves laughing. I think her accent had more to do with it than just the name.

Come to find out that (at that time) there was indeed an American guy living in Kuwait named Mike Hunt. Of COURSE Mike Hunt lives in Kuwait!!!

I am pretty sure Mike Hunt was at the pool that day.....

BTW - Heywood Jablowme is definately from Boston! LOL

Desert Girl said...

Stinni - SIXTH GRADE??????? OMG. You KNEW that word???

Anonymous said...

I found a website:

E. Jack Ulate
Juan Abuckmee
Master Bates
Hugh G. Rection
Hugh Jorjy
Papa Boner
Mike Rotch
Ray Pist
Max E. Padd
Pat McGroin
Phil McCrevis
Peter Gozenya
Buster Hymen
Oliver Closeoff
Buck Naked
Ben Dover
Neil Down
Inspector Hare
Major Boner
Private Partz
R.M. Pitts
Harry P. Ness
I.P. Daly
Aunty Persprant
Bo Nerr
Rita Porno
Ken Yabuckmee
Chuck DePantz
Dan Druff
Angie O'Plasty
Ben Gay
Sue E. Cidal
Ella Fynoe
Phyllis Steen
Rick Kleiner
Rick O'Shea
Shanda Lear
Art Majors
Sal Monella
Barb Dwyer
Fay Tality
Lou Pole
Ben Thayer & Don Thatt
Hugh Jass
Moe Lester
Stu Pidass
Robin Banks

MackDaddy said...

Yeah.. but.. every one missed out..

Holden McGroin !!

Anonymous said...

i ve been reading ur blog and im kinda curious if u dont mind me asking....what did the she-devil did and how she ended up with ur ex-love? (the b#&!ch) i kind have a sense she played u both to her advanage.....but u left out how tell so others wisen up to the she-devils among us

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous (I've been reading your blog...): It is a long and tedious saga. Write to me if you really want to go there...

Jewaira said...

Once you find a good dentist don't let him go. They are hard to come by

Desert Girl said...

Sister-to-Sister: I hear ya. But, I've never had a problem keeping my dog in my own back yard if you get my meaning. I think once he's out of the yard, there is really no going back, is there?

Desert Girl said...
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Desert Girl said...

Sister to Sister: Send me your e-mail and I will be happy to comment. Regardless, I don't publish insults. Lets be honest, if you weren't a coward, you wouldn't be sending me anonymous comments, right?