Monday, October 29, 2007

Articles on Corruption in Military Contracting

'Problems' found; Team probes Army contracts in Kuwait (Oct 28)

Army to examine Iraq contracts for fraud (Oct 27)
Probe focuses on Army office in Kuwait that gave $2.8 billion in contracts

Marking Up The Reconstruction (Sandi Group & Dyncorp) (Oct 26)


Purgatory said...

Will you hide somewhere where they cannot find you now?

Desert Girl said...

Purg - no need. I have always been 100% above the law (although my below parts have always been considered illegal....) I have worked for companies with no integrity, but my personal integrity has never been in question.

Intlxpatr said...

Unbelievable. And thank you; I copied one article and sent to corporate . . . they are making millions, and now the problems with the contracting office in Kuwait . . . not good.

Desert Girl said...

Intlxpatr - The corruption in military contracting has been going on since early 2003. Nothin much new about it. Its all about contingency vs sustainment. When the military needs to get in and do an operation, they are buying like crazy and no one is checking the purchasing (contingency). When they are in for an extended period of time (sustainment), the government usually starts auditing the books/contracts to make sure everything was done correctly. Well... they've been auditing. There will be more and more in the news - especially if the democrats get into office. For many who have worked for unethical contractors, it is a pretty sight!