Monday, March 28, 2016

Respect the court

I'm with my lawyer and about 50 other people in a small courtroom in Hawalli waiting for part deux of my rental case. Everyone is here on time but the question on everyone's mind is, "When will they start?"

This is the problem. As my new lawyer said, "I was told last week to be in court at 8:30 am. The judge didn't arrive until 12:30." The lawyers are there. The clients are there (people not being paid to sit there for hours on end). Why don't the people who should symbolize leadership in the court system have respect for the legal institution here?  

I have really enjoyed reading about snap inspections by the Minister and Undersecretaries (basically, Vice Ministers) from the Ministry of Interior. They are checking various locations to see if ministry employees are on duty and performing correctly. And catching those who aren't.  Perhaps the Minister of Justice should consider doing the same in courtrooms around Kuwait. 

And if the judges aren't going to show up on time (are hours late), might someone consider the purchase of comfortable chairs? I almost need a wheelchair to leave the place!


Anonymous said...

Good luck DG. I'm hoping you get justice. Be careful. You know the deal. Hurry up and wait. I would really love to see your former building owner be held accountable. Keep bringing the heat and keep the press on. Somethings gotta give. Good movie also.

Anonymous said...

netflix and headphone to kill the waiting time thats what i do these days anyway good luck with your case

Anonymous said...

How did the court visit go? If it went well you are at Applebee's stuff in your pie hole sippin on a virgin margarita. If not so well then Let me know if you need to make bond. I know a good mandoob. LoL. Seriously you ok?

Mo said...

You also forgot that you get exactly 30 seconds to go over your case then "NEXT!"

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 3:37 -

I changed lawyers. The new one told the judge the reason why was because the old lawyer (Drama Queen) lied to me. True. So now the judge (who seems like a reasonable person) has postponed the trial for a few months go gather information that he SHOULD have been given from the start from Drama.

I hate Abbleteeze. And why virgin? I BMOB and it is usually a mojito these days.