Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Burt Reynolds Introduces the NEW Bandit Trans Am

I had a 78 TA with the bird and racing slicks, but everyone lusted after the 77 bandit.  That was the car to have.

My friend, Laurie, sent me the article on this limited edition this morning.  I very seldom have the type of reaction I did while watching this clip - goosebumps and tears in my eyes.  I WANT this car. It's a TA based on a Camaro (even more lovable!).   I should have been a guy - I swear.  This car does it for me.  (I'm sure some of you out there will not understand or appreciate my reaction, but some will....those are my kindred spirits.)

840HP  7.4L LSX V8 and only 77 in production. The price starts at $115,000, but with so few in production, I am willing to bet it will be double that if not more.

And Burt Reynolds - I don't care HOW old the man gets, he is still a hottie.

Sigh (all the way around).

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