Sunday, March 13, 2016

Are dogs allowed in parks in Kuwait?

A reader recently asked me if dogs are allowed in public parks in Kuwait.  I didn't know the official answer, so I gave her the advice I often hand out:  Write to the Arab Times and they will publish the official answer in the paper.

.... and they did.

Dogs in parks

I have a question about dogs. Is there a law in Kuwait that prohibits dogs in parks? In other words, can I walk my dog in a park?
Name withheld

Answer: While there is no law in Kuwait which forbids dog owners from taking their pets to parks, most green public parks do not allow dogs entry. Not only that, dogs are not welcome to these parks by the general public. The rules, however, vary from park to park although “No” is generally the answer. Most dog owners feel not the public but their pets are in greater danger in these parks because a lot of young boys tend to throw stones. So, dog owners most of the time take their dogs to empty beaches (on a long leash) or to the desert where they allow their pets to run free. We would advise the same for you.

That's so true.  I'm much more worried about my dog's safety than him hurting anyone else (he's so gentle).  I carry pepper spray when I walk my dog (because guns are illegal in Kuwait).  I am MUCH more dangerous to rock-throwing ignoramuses than my dog.  I would shoot them in the face without a second thought....

I digress.

Why don't they open dog parks in Kuwait?  Doesn't anyone of the dog-loving-nature have an empty piece of land that they could fence and open a proper dog park.  Sheeeeet - I would pay entry!  Bet a lot of dog owners would too.  (Instead of opening another mini-treat shop or restaurant - dog park!!!) Pet-related products/services is one of the fastest growing industries in Kuwait. Cash in.  Do the community a favor.

Can you see this in Kuwait - with little concession stands along the side and maybe some benches where people could just come and look at the dogs without actually having to touch them?  Maybe set up a kiosk or shop to sell pet products?  Even a truck....

My friend has a huge farm down in Wafra and I took Mikey down there this weekend.  He got to run and jump in their duck pond and he came home so happy.  I drive a sports car.  I can't take Mikey out to the desert (unless I know the terrain well).  Where do you go?   Dogs just gotta be dogs.  I'm so thankful that my friend gave me the chance to let him run around and be happy.  


Anonymous said...

i am not a dog person but i don't mind them as well as they are trained most of the dogs i see with people here local or expat are well trained except few miss uses here and there anyway that't off topic i wish that we would have something like that here or more pet friendly places or have a white/black rules for closed spaces not grey area like open parks and malls

E.M. said...

hope it happens and it will also help dogs get socialized.