Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pinkies Salon: At-home services for women in Kuwait

My American friend opened Pinkies years ago when her mother came to visit her in Kuwait.  Her mother isn't able to get around easily and my friend didn't know of any salons that offered at-home service.  Now, there are several, but Pinkies was a pioneer in Kuwait and in my opinion, the best.

I literally have a well known spa in the same office building where I work, but I don't like to travel after a massage and traffic in Kuwait is one of the most stressful things with me.  I called Pinkies for a mani/pedi and a full body massage.

Here is what the Pinkies bring:  Fresh towels, fresh natural rose petals, all equipment including massage table and warmer for paraffin pedicure (which I love), foot massage machine, and a refreshment service which includes tea, chocolates, cookies (Lotus - yummm!) and scented candles.  The 2 women literally rolled in with 4 suitcases and a massage table.

The ladies arrange the tea service

Full body massage is less than you would pay in a spa (20KD).  It was wonderful AND I got to shower and then take a nap because it all happened in my house.  I had my own "refreshments", candles, and music.  So tranquil and relaxing.

The ladies are very discreet and are not allowed to discuss other clients or their homes.  That is an issue in Kuwait as gossip is one of the main forms of communication here.  They show up on time and need very little direction.

Book an appointment at 9718-9700.  They also have gift certificates if you would like to give a service as a gift.


Anonymous said...

Hi desertgirl!

Do you know of any home service salons that offer make up and hair styling too?

Desert Girl said...

Pinkies does!

Padhma said...

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Anushani said...

How about hair colouring and straightening ?