Thursday, September 17, 2015

I had plastic surgery (graphic post-surgery photo)

I've never had surgery.  Not that it freaks me out or anything, but never really thought about it.  So for my 29th (regrettably, again) birthday, my kind/generous/beautiful younger (ok now I'm ready to admit that - but only by 11 months) sister gifted me an upper blepharoplasty and a partial lower bleph.

Here is what they do YOUTUBE CLIP (not me).  The whole procedure took about an hour and a half.  I was asleep. I was all warm and cozy and sedated.  It was like getting a really good massage only coming out looking like a truck hit your face.

Sent the post-surgery pic to some friends via Whatsapp for shock appeal and they thought I was in a car accident.  Ya know.... friends, right?  If they think you have been in a car accident, mighten they try to contact your family and send flowers.  WTF?!

This is when I was all bruised and zombie looking.  Sexy, no?
(my eyes are closed here)

One of my male Kuwaiti friends said to me (after I sent him the gross "after surgery" photo), "Why would you do your eyes?  All I hear about in Kuwait is boobs, but and stomachs.  Why eyes?"  Well friends, I guess it depends what you want out of plastic surgery. I like my B&B.  My stomach I can usually Spanx it if I care to at all (or just stop eating carbs and sugar for like a month and then ... ok still wear Spanx maybe but maybe not.  (Refer to A, please)

When I look at someone, I look at their eyes, not their B&B or upper crotch area, but that's just me.

Is it a huge difference?  Not so that you would notice, but it does make you look less tired and more like "yourself" (or how "yourself" used to look maybe like 3,000 man hours, many meetings, and 100 business proposals/presentations ago).  I have noticed, however, that it is now apparent to myself that I am wearing eye shadow.  Previously, it was lost in there somewhere like a sharpei puppy's folds.

I can hear my sister now...


A) Because I just don't give a shit - at all - ever
2) Because maybe somebody out there is thinking of doing it too and they can axe me what happened.
C) refer to A

Anyhow, my eyes look really good now and I'm happy I did it.  It didn't hurt. I got to take oxy for 2 days and sleep without anybody bothering me.  People have told me that I look "different" but can't figure out why.  Maybe I should tell them I had butt implants and see if they look.  Ha!


AG said...

Oh my! I have been considering this for a little over a year now! I've been doing my IPL through the summer and planning to get back on my Botox and Filler schedule in November but eyelid surgery would be awesome! We have a huge social event to go to early December. Wonder if I would be healed completely by then? Can't wait to see your 'after' photos! Will your sister adopt me? :)

Desert Girl said...

Do it! So easy. Just make sure you have lots of gauze cold packs on hand first. 1 week after surgery they take the stitches out. Day 8 you can wear eye make up. 😊👍

Abdullah Al-Shimri said...

I hope you're doing fine. I had a hair transplant surgery a few years ago, and it hurt me like hell.

Linda said...

I hope it works out for you. I just found your blog today and want to send you my best wishes, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

LWDLIK said...

Nice sister. Need the surgeon's name please. When do I get to inspect them?

Jagriti Bisht said...

Hey would you recommend any clinic for this procedure??