Thursday, September 17, 2015

I found a place to live

... and it only took 5 months.

Mishref.  It is pretty. There are trees and grass and people who are kind to dogs and even walk them around.  And they don't look at  you funny or stare at your butt.

Tomas Czerwinski at Kuwait 4 Rent found it for me. He's my hero.  He probably knows it by this point.  He seems like a shy young fellow so I can't tell.

This has been the Year of Disappointment.  I have had so many apartments fall through at the last minute.

Jambalaya boy, I hate you, seriously.  I understand why you don't want to leave, but I still hate you for it. JB showed me his apartment in a lovely little villa.  JB said he was going to move out soon and I could come see it, so I did.   It is older and has character.  I walked in and it felt like home.  Several days prior, I had taken Lovely Libra's advice and asked for Divine intervention.  After looking at several shithole apartments, I pulled the car over and requested that God help me find an apartment with 2 bedrooms, a yard for my dogs, a swimming pool and I didn't want to pay more than 500kd.  BFF was with me and interjected, "and a jacuzzi," so I added that too.  JB's place was all that.  I had some things to fix, but ohmydamn... perfect.  I was hooked and I started looking at paint samples and thinking about furniture placement.  Ok so JB gets to looking around in the local market and best I can tell, he's not liking what he's seeing either and decides not to move.

Anyhooser, after that came disappointment after disappointment.  I even left the farm so I had no where to keep even my furniture. Disappointed also in my farm friends, but totally different story.

I just arrived last Thursday from the States ('nother post).  We had to move out of BFF's home by Thursday morning because her family was scheduled in for a vacation at her place.

I have a friend who was looking for a place too, so we decided to share (I refuse to call her a room mate because we are both adults and I never thought I would be sharing again. I feel like one of the Golden Girls.  Preferably Blanche.)  She found a place. Sounded perfect.  I decided to take it sight-unseen.  Came back Thursday.  By Monday, was told of the 1100 kd deposit that everybody neglected to tell me about.  'Why you lookin' at me?  I'm not paying 1100 kd..... ' Anyhoo, looked at another shithole Monday night (if you can't read your customer, you are in the wrong business).  and looked at 2 nice places on Tuesday.

Sidebar:  Real estate people:  Read your customers well. Size them up.  Look at what they are wearing.  What kind of car they are driving.  Footwear.  You can probably determine what type of a place they are looking for.  I don't think I scream, 'Please sir, show me a shithole because I really would love to live there.'

Frost Real Estate and my friend, Marty, were very kind in helping me out. They had a few places.  The problem is that I'm incurring storage fees every month and I needed unfurnished,  Anyways, long-story-short, I took the second one that Tomas showed me in Mishref.   (Tomas' business partner is a man I've met a few times and that knows most of my friends.  Small world.)

Signed on it Wednesday morning and moved in that same night.  I still have to wait to get my furniture out of storage, but that's no big deal.  They also have to do some painting between now and Sunday, so I'll pick up my big dog on Sunday night.

The family will be reunited.

Let's just see if Mikey eats Dorothy's cat.  (That wasn't a metaphor, pervs.  I mean the girl I'm living with has a cat.)

Oh!  This morning (first morning in the new apartment) I woke up to hear a lawnmower.  I have been hearing that noise all summer in Virginia because either our lawn or the neighbors' is getting cut.  But wait... where am I and whaaaaaaaaat?  GRASS!  I live somewhere where there is grass and trees.


Anonymous said...

Can you please give me the real estate agent's number? I want to change my flat too and I've been unlucky so far.. what's with people here not wanting to rent a flat to a single foreign lady?? Since when do you have to be married to rent a flat??

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 6/18 - Real Estate agents: Ahmed 50679778 or Thomas 66663091. Good luck!