Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Kuwaiti Police Officers Sentenced to ONE YEAR of Prison After Kidnapping/Assaulting Woman

And now, for more anti-woman news from Kuwait....

Kuwait Times
7 May 2014
Officers jailed for kidnapping a woman

Kuwait: In other news, the Court of Misdemeanor sentenced two police officers to one year in prison after they were found guilty of using a patrol vehicle to commit a crime. The policemen were convicted of kidnapping a woman. The Asian housemaid said that the officers forced her into the car when she came out of her employer’s house to take out the trash. The officers argued that they caught the woman because she was nervous which made them grew suspicious, adding that they took her to the police station for an identity check. Despite the investigations which ruled out any criminal intent on the officer’s part, the court convicted them based on the forensic department report which shows bruises on different places on her body.

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ONE YEAR in prison for kidnapping a woman?  WTF?!  And the most important part of this story, as appears in the newspaper, is that they were guilty of using a patrol vehicle - NOT that they kidnapped and assaulted a woman!

Hey, no wonder violent crime is on the rise in Kuwait when you have the very people entrusted in protecting the community turning to violent crime - and basically getting away with it with a slap on the wrist. I wonder if they'll get their jobs back at the end of the year?  Oh but wait... it is all okay because she was an Asian domestic worker, right?  

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Kathy Travis said...

That really sucks big time. Kidnapping and Assault both should carry at least a minimum of 10 years. And, these two officers abused their power. I certainly hope they are not allowed to serve the one year sentence (which is a joke for what they did) and return to the Police force. Most cops here are good cops, but Police brutality is a big problem in some places. Poor lady-probably there trying to make a living and then this happens. It seems to me like they just ASSUMED something and did what they wanted to do. SAD!:(