Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Handsome Kuwaiti Youth Caught Swindling Girls Through KIK

Arab times, 28 May 2014
Handsome Youth Caught Swindling Girls

KUWAIT CITY, May 27: The Mubarak Al-Kabir police have arrested a young handsome Kuwaiti for swindling girls, reports Al-Anba daily.   The suspect used to befriend young girls through the social media application KIK and rob them. He was arrested after he dated a young woman and asked her to pick him up from an unidentified area. He then requested the victim to allow him to drive the car and when she stepped out he got behind the wheel and drove off. Police then set a trap for him and caught him while playing the same game with another woman.  He has admitted to robbing 12 young women.

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More Douchebag Swindlers on the Internet  (When I first saw this article, I immediately wondered if it was Mr. Clean....)

This is the age of technology and douchebaggery - regardless of the nationality.  It used to be that a Kuwaiti man was just that - a MAN.  Dignity.  Honor.  Protection/respect for women.  Now it's all about the money and getting one over on whatever person you can.  Masla7a.

Kuwaiti women have better jobs/incomes now than they ever had before.  I'm proud of my sistahs.  They (like other women anywhere) are also in a position to be taken advantage of for what they have.  It is sad that the girls/women fall for this stuff, however "charming" a handsome douchebag may be.  

Everybody wants to be loved, but if you have to take my car or my wallet, that ain't love.  You don't HAVE to show your love/loyalty to a guy by "helping him" with what you own.  Brokeass should have his own - OR have the ambition/desire to get his own and then take care of YOU because you're his girl.

When you want to find out who your real friends are, act broke.  

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