Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I learned on my vacation

So, I'm back in Kuwait now (sniffle, whimper, booo hoooo).  Some trivial information I discovered while I was in Virginia:

Use a spatula to tuck in sheets while making the bed.  I learned this while on my 4th or 5th visit to Bed Bath and Beyond. They have everything you never knew you needed - and MORE.   Display Dude was making a very tight bed using a spatula.  Who knew?  Great idea for those who don't want to hurt their finger nails (and don't have a maid.  Seriously??  In Kuwait?  Who doesn't have a khadama??  Yeh.  Tell her to use a spatula.)  I think the one thing my dad (God rest his soul) kept from his time in the Navy was making a tight bed.  You could bounce a quarter off his bed.  And yet, I don't believe he ever used a spatula.  The man was an artist.

Use sunblock.  Okay, everybody knows this one but I'm an idiot and decided that I could go up against my year-round-brown sister, a Professional Tanner, and spend time with her in the pool.  What WAS I thinking?  I'm a frick-in lobster.  One minute I'm shivering uncontrollably; the next I'm leaving a pool of sweat in the middle of my matress.  This sucks and is one of the reasons I NEVER go out in the sun.  I don't care if I'm pasty white.  The men over here like that and I'm going to be wrinkle free (Botox) when I'm 90.

AFR is the abbreviation of "Accidental Fecal Release."  I learned this on an episode of "Undercover Boss" (which I LOVE) when a female CEO of a chain of resorts was asked to clean one up from the bottom of a pool.  I believe I will find many uses for "AFR" within conversation; I just don't know how yet.

Along the lines of turds....

If you have a big dog and you have to shovel poop (not that it would ever happen in Kuwait because you can just get your "guy" to do that):  Coat the shovel front and back with WD40.  It makes for easy on/easy off.  I guess the same could be done with horse poop.

So obviously, I have more to write about, but I'm going to save it for later.  Next post....

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Expat and the City said...

Welcome back! :D I dedicated my face-kini post to you.