Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Trying to be creative. It isn't working.

I've been trying to come up with a pithy post lately and nothing is coming to mind.  Yes yes, fer sure; things are still pissing me off and I can always rant, but that isn't so positive, now is it?  Like, for example, the ninja in the Camry (IT IS ALWAYS A CAMRY!) that tried (unsuccessfully) to run me off 6th Ring Road this morning on my way to work.  Or perhapsee like coming to work to find - yet again - that someone is parked in my assigned parking space.  Those things are always there.  Camry bitches will always be Camry bitches and until further notice, I will continue to block in dude in my space.  Mais, my friends, good pith is hard to find.

Yesterday evening, I ventured outside The Bubble to Aubergine for a wee business meeting.  Sometimes you don't get to know the people you work with until you are out in a social setting.  I really like these guys.  I've known them for years, but just in a business setting.  One of them is a musician in the band Bar None.  They play at the US Embassy every once in a while.  Check them out online HERE.  They're really good - I've heard them play before.  And they're available for hire if anyone has the need for a rock cover band.

Anyhoo, we had some laughs.  Aubergine is upstairs from Buffalo's Cafe in Salmiya.  It is a sheesha cafe and surprisingly - VERY nicely decorated.  There were a lot of women there - not the sleezy skin-tight-legging-wearing mamas with too much make up and shrill voices; but the decent kind that I would probably hang out with.  I don't mind sheesha smoke.  I like the smell.  I don't smoke, but I have friends who do.  If the weather is okay (no dust), I can even get away with being enveloped in the smoke for a while.  If you are a decent person and like sheesha and don't want to be surrounded by shrill tarts, I recommend Aubergine.

I had a good day yesterday.  Our company paid out bonusses and I had the honor of being amongst those on the receiving line.  Woo hoo.  Mashallah.  Oh, decisions, decisions... what to buy....  Anyhoo, I haven't had a bonus since 2006 and it felt really good. 

Kudos to my rockstar friend, Stella.  She advised that everyone in our division receive equal bonusses so that no one would be left out.  She even offered to forfeit her own.  I haven't ever had the honor of working for someone with so much integrity.  Words fail.

A former manager cooked the books to make it appear as if the company was doing well so that staff would receive bonusses (him at the forefront with a whopping bonus that was something like 1/4 of the total being distributed.  Yeah, integrity NOT.

I went to a baby shower this weekend.  I think I'm too old for them.  First, it was the worst dust storm in like 1000 years and I had been out at a BOD meeting in the morning, followed by shopping for baby gift at a store with no working air conditioning.  Even though my hair SHOULD have still looked good (because of the keratin treatment I had recently), it ended up sticking to my hair in a dusty/sweaty mess.  I didn't have time to shower.  I'm still feeling the bronchitis I had last week when I got back from DC/San Antonio and the  asthma kicked in big time.  I had a TravisD kicking around in the bottom of my purse, so I decided to pop it.  Big mistake.  I ended up falling asleep on Spanx's sofa surrounded by pretty little Stepford wives.  Oh, did I mention that I snore like a mofo?  Yeah, not pretty.

Spanx should open her own catering service.  She's amazing.  It was all so pretty and had I been coherent, I would have taken more photos of the food. 

I bought the mommy-to-be (who is tiny and does not look pregnant at all) a vibrating bouncy chair.  Those things are Godsends to mothers trying to take showers or put down the baby for like a nanosecond.  Did anyone see the episode of Sex and the City when Samantha is babysitting for Brady and he's fast asleep in his vibrating bouncy chair until the batteries die; and Samantha has to improvise?  Miranda was nonplussed, but hey - it worked.  Anyhoo - vibrating bouncy chairs rock.  If I could have one at work, I would.  I might not get a performance-based bonus, but it might even be worth it.

Is this pith or what?


John Vagabond said...

Love your blog. I'm leaving for ever in a couple of weeks but I'll lurk convincingly so I get to know what's really going on. Oh, yeah. You don't own a white Porsche by any chance, do you? If you do, hey, thanks for the lift.

John Vagabond said...

Love the blog. As I'm leaving forever in a couple of weeks, as a professional lurker I thought it'd be nice to say thank you. You don't drive a white Porsche do you? If you do, and it was you who gave me a ride - hey, I still remember it with gratitude.

American Girl said...

The Camry driving Ninjas! OMG!! They literally scare me. It's bad enough we have to watch every single move of the cars in front of us, but to have to stress over the one right behind us too?!

I had one ALL the way to the office this morning. If I weren't so terrified of my air bag, I would have slammed on my brakes and let her destroy my car. I'm trying to sell it anyway -- maybe insurance would have covered the value?

Not sure who teaches those women to drive, but they NEED to teach them to back off.