Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The, "Desert Girl can't focus"/Random Post, Post

This is going to be a random post because I am The Ritalin Child today and I can't focus on any one thing.

First, I've felt that today was Thursday and that just sucks. 

They are putting a City Center in right down the street from where I work.  This concerns me because 1)  I will want to walk there to get ice cream every day - adding to the increase in my "secretary's spread"; b)  It will be too hot to walk down the street to get the ice cream; 3) It's Dhajeej (aka "Disease") and you can't walk down the street here without 4.2 million creepy, cigarette-smoking, dirty-pants-wearing men staring unapologetically at your ass; and d) having a City Center at the end of the street will certainly add to the horrific traffic in Dhajeej.  By the by, I find it ironic that the corners right around the Farwaniya Traffic Department either have no stop signs or signage of any kind - especially the type that points to the fact that the street is ONE WAY (yes, this means you, a-hole!); or that on the one corner where there IS indeed a stop sign (right AT the traffic department), people run through it all day long.  Driving in Disease is just one step up in my book than driving Combat Mission Shuwaikh Industrial Area.  We're talking Hummer H1 version combat driving; WITH the optional front-loaded cowbar (those cows walk SLOOOOOwly across the streets upinhere).

The Queen has a bad-ass hat.  If I were a little old lady (and yes, I am heading in that direction), I would wear a bad-ass hat just like hers - with the matching blue suit. My sister and I have always said that when we are old we would buy matching baby blue suits and hats and live together in a house with a porch and sit out front in matching rocking chairs, side-by-side, watching the sun go down.  So, when I get that old, I want this bad-ass hat.  Look how elegant she is!

Man terms I've learned lately (which, in all honesty, I meant to have no relevance to the Queen story above):  Murse = man purse.  Male people - if you carry an over-the-body  murse, at least have the dignity to wear it behind your back.  Not to the side, not in the front (thank you for pointing out this fashion tip, Butterfly). And unless you have that grunge look going on, I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work. This does not apply to trendy gay men.  Trendy gay men wear the murse with dignity and they are open about it.    Like carrying a "mutch" (a man-clutch).  Unless it is an iPad, you are a trendy gay man. Bags that appear to be briefcases I have no problem with; they just look businessy.  And then there's the moobs.  That's right; man boobs.  Saw a guy the other day sporting knockers that were bigger than mine. Thankfully, he was carrying neither a murse nor a mutch because that would have been OTT.

And on the subject of boobs: OMG!!! What IS it about this country that you can't find a decent bra??  Horrible.  I usually shop at Debenham's and it is hit or miss.  This time, I just bought 5 and decided that by  the law of averages, at least one of them should fit right after washing a few times.  Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking, girls and I did the Oprah thing of getting a proper fitting (I just chose not to believe what the fitter lady had to say).  Sorry, no flat-chested Asian lady is going to tell me that my girls are that size.  Not happenin.  Maybe when I get back to the States. But anyhoo, bra sizes here are NOT what they are in the States.

Hey - You can tell when it is getting to be Ramadan time when you go to furniture stores and there is a line to get in, people push you out of the way, and all of a sudden, the stock is all new.  I've been shopping at different home furnishing stores for a secret project I have going on and OMG!  I couldn't have picked a worse time of the year.  Incase you don't know it A) it is the end of the month and people just received their salaries, so they're out 2) School is out so the kids are being dragged along, and oh C) Did I mention that in this part of the world, it is traditional to host people in your home during the whole month of Ramadan, so in doing so, you go out and either refresh your decor or do a whole new furniture change.  Yep.  That's the way homey plays it.  It took me an hour to find a parking place to get into Ikea the other day after work (DURING the week!) and last night, I went to Banta and had to circle the block 4 times to find a space (sorry Audi dude, but there was no way I was going to let you reverse down the street to get to a parking space that I clearly owned). 

I looked over and saw the Arab Times on my desk.... There is a small article stating a statistic today.  I have never heard any official estimate published - anywhere - in my 15+ years in Kuwait of AIDS statistics in Kuwait.  LOYAC was educating their students about the dangers of AIDS (because probably no one else was) and had a figure of around 1,600 cases (5+ years ago).  Today, the Arab Times quoted a source as saying there were 212 cases.  Seriously?  that few?  In a country where safe sex is a myth?  Highly unlikely. But hey - if you deny or deflect, there is no problem, is there?  Nope.  It just goes away.  Sure does.  The US is proof of that.  For many years, AIDS was not a disease that heterosexuals caught and it would not spread.  Stooopid.   Here's what I want to know:  The article stated a "youth" so he/she has to have parents or a guardian, right?  Who the hell would allow their "youth" to go to Thailand without at least discussing the dangers. Deny, deflect.  They're going there for the culture and history. And futher, unfortunately, although you can't always believe what you read on the social networking sites, the same can be said for what you read in the newspapers or offically posted accounts.

A company I know just changed their logo and it looks like a Rainbow Smurf had diarrhea.  I can't ellaborate.  But it does.

My post titled, "Kuwait Sex" has had 1,000 views.  So many pervs.  So much free time.

I don't know why I want Asian food all of a sudden.  I could go for some Thai for sure.

Ritalin, anyone?


teena said...

lolzzz nice one...try out phuket in Salmiya..they have got some really good thai food...

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Teena. I went to Sabaidee in Salmiya last night. I like it better than Phuket.

Shannon said...

Oriental cuisine in sharq is a must try thai joint...their food is amazing and prices are pretty decent too

Shannon said...

Oriental cuisine in sharq is a must try for some amazing Thai food....also their prices are pretty decent

Desert Girl said...

Shannon - I agree. I've been there often and their food is probably the best Thai in Kuwait. Ground floor of the City Suites Hotel in Dasman.

Anonymous said...

and youv'e got yourself a new reader. I am a kuwaiti that studies in the us. What you are saying is considered harsh by some but it is completly truthful. keep burning them gurl!!

Shizzy said...

You have a nice blog.
Glad to discover yo

Shizzy said...

You have a nice blog. Glad to discover you !

Anonymous said...

Marks and Spencer's for Bras

Jim Walters said...

Actually, that hat is bad-ass.

intlxpatr said...

When reading newspapers in Kuwait or Qatar, I am always gleeful to spot a denial - in my book, a denial is a confirmation that there is a sensitive problem that everyone is afraid to discuss. 212 cases is laughable, considering the kind of traffic going on. The very sad news is the impact on wives and families.

It IS a bad ass hat, but I bet you could do better :-)

One of my all time statistical winner posts is Best Dates in Kuwait. I still get hits on that - and it's about the kind of dates grown by my Kuwaiti friends, LOL!