Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Steak, Seafood, and Desert Delivery in Kuwait

I just saw an ad for these guys in Bazaar Magazine (heeeeeeeeeey, Ahmed!).  Looks yummy.  Will anyone be my guinea pig and check them out/let me know how they are?  If they are the Omaha Steaks(TM) of the Kuwait world, then I'm going to be in fer sure.  I'm just wondering if they come in the same nice OS cooler.

Most of the products seem to be uncooked like Omaha Steaks.


Anonymous said...

This stuff is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The round steaks are soo tender they melt on your tounge.



miszbuf10 said...

what is the website?

Anonymous said...

With all the spoiled meat in Kuwait, who the hell would order from this company. Another thing to add to the long list of 'to do's' when you leave Kuwait, enjoy a nice steak.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 8:41 - Um, I would for one. There are a lot of good meat places in Kuwait if you take the time to ask people. Sabah butchers in the City Center in Salmiya next to the vegetable market is outstanding. they sell Brazilian and Argentinian beef, as does Pinar in Shuwaikh. The only thing that bothers me is when they are out and only have Chinese beef; which I would never touch. Other than that, almost 16 years going to Pinar and never a bad steak moment.

Desert Girl said...

miszbuf10 - It is right on the picture on the post. ww.premiumchoice.me

Anonymous said...

I support of Anonymous 8:41, I cringed when I saw this picture. On a positive note, if Al-Shaya wants an internal source for quality beef for his Texas Roadhouse Restaurant that will open in Phase 3 around Sep-Oct, this could be a potential internal supplier. That is IF it is a ligit, and quite possibly that is what they have in mind with all the new restaurants opening. I don't eat beef in Kuwait, I wait to leave Kuwait now like your other commentor.

Desert Girl said...

10:22 - Wait to leave Kuwait to eat beef? Puhleeze. Too many whiny Westerners up in here. You don't know unless you try. It's like people who only come here and go to fast food restaurants they are used to at home (Texas Roadhouse, for example). Sorry, maybe my bad, but I have no respect for that attitude. Try what the local market has to offer in the country where you live.

Anonymous said...

The reason why I used ‘Texas Roadhouse’ as an example is because the quality of their beef is extremely important to this chain. It is very important that these American food chains guard their product, because they are new to the GCC market and want to ensure their success level and the market is highly competitive. When you pick up the paper in this country and read that a vendor in Kuwait is busted for intentionally planning to sell year-old expired beef into the Kuwait market, it is disturbing. Because Al-Shaya is Kuwaiti, he is one of the very few major companies currently that dare to enter this market; everyone is else is staying clear of this place, but expanding in other GCC countries. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that safety measures are implemented in all food establishments in Kuwait and that appears at the moment to be a horrendous task. So why buy, eat beef in this country when you can travel to other GCC nations where the government is enforcing more efficient food safety measures. In addition, there is a huge array of cultural dining options in the UAE from Emirati to Iranian restaurants where you can dine with a cultural flair. I have no interest in trying to fight ridiculous traffic, wallow through sidewalks littered with trash, only to be food poisoned, not my idea of a quality dining experience regardless if it is Texas Roadhouse-Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

The quality was excellent and the customer service was even better! I tried all the meats and the scallops, it was one of the best meals I've ever eaten in Kuwait. For all you western beef eaters, this is jut like home!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Desert Girl, you don’t know till you try. I have and its really good. It’s USDA certified meat and Halal as well. While it doesn’t come in a cooler, it is definitely well packed and is delivered to your home.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 3:42 -

I don't mean to offend you, but I'm guessing that you haven't been in Kuwait very long. "dare to enter this market" - emm... there are many Kuwaiti and other nationality business people who have entered this market - starting with places like Arby's and others several decades ago. I don't think the restaurant business is hurting in Kuwait by any means.

What usually happens in any new restaurant chain in Kuwait is that they bring people from the franchises to start the restaurants and at that time, the quality is very high. Over time, however, (statistically speaking and I'm not pointing fingers at any one holding group) the quality goes down when the trainers or start-up folks leave.

I'm sorry to read you negatively you feel about Kuwait; which leads me to wonder why you are here eating (or drinking) anything at all here.

I can't defend what I haven't tried. I haven't tried this company that I've posted about. At the same time, I will not stoop to trashing them simply because they are a Kuwaiti company (as Alshaya is). I have not tried them; I don't know. Same goes for you.

I haven't tried Texas Roadhouse either (here or in the US), so the same logic applies.

Jacob said...

I have to admit. I am a Westerner and I have lived in Kuwait for over 8 years. I have seen some restaurants start off hot and become nots. Contrarily, I have seen some really do well withstanding the test of time.

I have ordered from these premium choice guys 2-3 times. After the second order, they sent me a complimentary package as well. Needless to say, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of meat. The lady that called me was knowledgable and really courteous.

Desert Girl, it is worth the time. Plus they accept cash on delivery. Surprisingly enough, I went to Sahara Golf Resort last week and I saw the same company sponsoring 'Steak Night' there. It sounds like they are making a name for themselves.

Team PremiumChoice.me said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey..Wow….good to see this here….I was recommended to this website by a friend.. I ordered a couple of times, swiped the card and in the evening it was at my place…we had a great time with the burgers…amazing.. their steaks were out of this world..I have not tasted anything like it here in Kuwait..all of a sudden my small get together became and bbq party…we had a dining out experience at home….just great…..avoided all the heat, terrible parking, etc…


Desert Girl said...

Premium choice dudes, I tried to send you an e-mail but it bounced back. Whutup?