Thursday, June 07, 2012

HH Amir rejects death for blasphemy

I applaud HH sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah for his stand against the death penalty for blasphemy. 

The Teleban is trying to turn Kuwait into a backwards little town with no growth, no power, and a place ruled by fear.  I am glad to see that HH has taken a step against this foreign propaganda.

Jamal Shehab, the Minister of Awqaf, resigned .  I know Jamal.  The Jamal I knew is a liberal.  I am wondering who his backers are.  (I take that back - I know very well who they are...)  Seriously, Jamal?  Et tu?  (Sigh.) 


And on a completely different, yet "Teleban" subject....

I hear that the Municipality is trying to eliminate sheesha smoking at all restaurants and cafes.  Well my dears, this is yet another Teleban tactic to eliminate any form of 1) small business or 2) entertainment in Kuwait.  Often for younger (especially male) entrepreneurs in the country, the establishment of sheesha cafes is the easiest form of business.  While I agree that I might not want to sit next to a sheesha smoker at a regular restaurant, there should be no law banning sheesha from places designated specifically for sheesha. (Sheesha cafes are popping up all over the US now and you know how hyper the US is against smoking in general.)

The municipality already has stopped restaurants from staying open past midnight.  Everybody just went to parties.  What's next:  underground sheesha parties?  Honestly, it is pathetic.

Is the Teleban going to try to get rid of sporting events next?  Or maybe cinema? 


Anonymous said...

I thought Jamal resigned in protest at having to deal with those islamist MPs and the Amir has persuaded him to rescind his resignation?????

Howboutcha said...

I love reading your post. No one understands frustration like being cut off by a ninja. Oblivious to the world, they motor down what is obviously their highway. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

taleban will ban shisha but allow the newspaer ads in your previous post.....

Anonymous said...

What they're really aiming for is to ban vaginas. They don't want restaurants open or shisha cafes open because they have an overwhelming need to control the remote possibility that someone, somewhere, may actually be having and enjoying sex. Everyone knows that if you keep boys and girls from meeting, then sex will magically cease to exist outside of wedlock. :b 10 to 1 the people sponsoring this kind of bullshit legislation have 3 cell phones and multiple Russian prostitutes on speed dial... hypocrisy at its finest.

Angelo said...

Did you write this post? Doesn't seem your normal style...except for, of course, the gratuitious name dropping. Tell Jamal I said, "holla!" :-)

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 12:39 - well dayum - perhaps I've been misinformed. I HOPE that is the case (and it actually sounds more like him because I know he tires easily of BS).
2:15 - thanks. :)
2:43 - Probably not if they saw the ad first.
11:32 - Tee hee.
Angelo - Huh?? Yes I did; and tell him yourself.

Anonymous said...

was it a bug eyed ninga?


Desert Girl said...
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Desert Girl said...

Big fail:

That's right: TELEBAN TACTICS. You read it correctly. I'll say it again: TELEBAN. And these people - from my perspective - have little to do with religion, especially in Kuwait. Islam is beautiful, but I don't find fanaticism beautiful in any religiion. It is just someone's twisted and warped view of a good thing.

... and if you're a "westerner" - I'll cut off my right arm.

Desert Girl said...

Hey anonymous bitoch who is blowing up my e-mail:

My blog. My perspective. I'm not insulting Islam - I respect it as a non-practicing liberal-minded Moslem. I do not believe there should be a death penalty for blasphemy as I believe that God is forgiving and Islam teaches tolerance. Perhaps you believe differently. Jenecarepas.

If you are a conservative fundamentalist - why are you reading this blog?

No, I am not going to post your insulting comments. No, I don't believe in what you have to say.

If I'm a hypocrite, then great - have a nice F-ing day and go start your own blog if you want to be nasty to other people. I don't have further time to waste on you.

Desert Girl said...

Dear A.B.
Yeah, you are a good Moslem passing judgement on others, using insulting words when you could just turn away. Go pray so it appears like you are a decent person. At least I don't lie about who I really am. Watch out or a house may fall on you.