Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm making new friends at work

There is something about the elevators at my new job place.  It seems to be the pick-up-place-vortex of Kuwait.    This time it was a young lady and I am going to believe  (aka pretend) that she wasn't hitting on me and that she was genuinely just being friendly.  "You are very beautiful.  I have seen you here before..."  okey dokey.  (Let's make out and then have a feather pillow fight in our pajamas..... every man's fantasy.)

[By the way, mens, that is a great pick up line (the beautiful part, not the let's make out part) and had she been a (tall) guy, it might have worked.]

The building guard has also shown some interest (I smile and say 'good morning' - it is the way of my people) asking me what my name is (which okay, in other places you might do just to be friendly, but over here, it's too personal).  I gave him my brush-off, 'Um Talal' (mother of Talal).  Not to be rude, but I don't want him in my face.  It was still polite.  Really, it was.  It wasn't like I said, 'engelaa' or anything.

I went back to being a little blonder.  I get much more attention.  Sometimes it is just the freaky kind, but still.

Change of subject.

Being the new kid in school is always kind of nerve racking. Its a totally new industry for me and I'm trying to sponge up as much info as I can without going into overload.  At the same time, the office hours are a lot longer than I have been used to and if I don't get up and walk around, I get really stiff.  Ok well, that's not true:  at my old office, I used to get there an hour or more  before everybody else - around 6:00 or 6:30 am and leave at about 4:30.  So, really, I have similar  hours in length now but it starts later in the morning so I get out later, which by DG time is just throwing me off schedule.  I used to get more done in the wee hours of the morning when no one was around.  Anyhoo, I'm only on Week 1.

I have to have Limpy the cat's leg amputated. I've been putting it off because 1) I was on vacation and she will require recovery time and 2)  I didn't have the extra money (from 1).  I can't stand to see the poor little stray suffer.  I'm really allergic to cats, so I don't know what I'm going to do with her when she needs to be indoors some place to recover.  Anyone out there with a big heart want to take on the task for a while? SwearaGod, I'll take her back.

It's 11:11.  How many other people are plagued by that number?  I used to wake up every night at 3:33 am also.  Freaky or coincidence?

Quite obviously, I have nothing fasssssssssssssssscinating to write about.  I haven't seen any of the girls this week at all.  Slaps is busy; The Romanian is busy.  (Not a girl, but) The Man ... ok nevermind .... I'm not even getting into that whole long saga.  (Dude, where the phuck ARE you?!)

Last weekend, on The Man's day, Desert Dawg bit me.  She actually broke skin!  I know that she is getting old (she's 12  this month) and she might be confused, but the bitch bit me!  She is extreeeeeeeeemely jealous of HER man.  She doesn't let me get anywhere near The Man.  She positions herself between us.  She barks and growls if I make any sudden movements towards him.  This time, it was late and she was already cranky and she started growling at me. I had my usual Doggy Time Out and Discussion with her (where I take her aside and reason with her about why her behaviour is inappropriate) and then she bit me. Such a no-no.  The Man had a good laugh at first until he saw the condition of my hand.  Not funny.  No Polo candy for her in the morning.

Desert Dawg loves Polos or anything with mint.  I dunno why.  Her favorite food  of all is steamed crabs.  She'll sit next to the stove for as long as it takes until they're done.  Again, I dunno why.  I kind of suspect that in another lifetime, she was a southern belle.  She's definately full of charmant.

My gardener dude (who is actually a street sweeper that I pay to clean my terrace and water my plants) is back.  He had disappeared for a while.  Turns out that he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle.  He's ok poor guy.  First, I'm glad he's alright and wasn't hurt and second I'm thankful he's back because all my plants were dying.  I have the worst brown thumb.  I kill any plant except bamboo in water.

God, I'm boring.


Anonymous said...

ummm, i'd have to disagree on the boring part. no matter what you write i enjoy reading it, even if it's random :)

Hamdi said...

Haha you are hilarious, esp Um Talal bit :))