Monday, October 04, 2010

Blonde Highlights Post (yes again)

I'm still getting a lot of questions about where to go in Kuwait for blonde highlights.  My top 2 favs are still Ashlee at Strands, Fanar; and Emma at Tony and Guy, Corniche.  Both will cost you, so be prepared to shell out around 70 KD.

This in from a reader who recently went to Ashlee:

Just thought I'd let you know that I finally got around to going to Ashlee at Strands today for cut and highlights. I was pleased that I did because, by Kuwait standards, she's pretty good. And compared to the teeny-bopping, party girls at Cutting Edge, she's brilliant! She actually listens and remembers what you say, (teeny boppers tend to suffer from memory loss depending on how much alcohol they have consumed the night before and tend to forget what you told them when you first sat down to 15 minutes later when you are again sitting down with wet hair!  - Bless their hung-over little cotton socks!!) 

She is pretty expensive though, I paid KD78 for cut, blow dry and full head of highlights but I think I'll be going back as I don't need a full head each time.

So there you have it.  If you have any recommendations, let me know.  "Where do I get blonde highlights in Kuwait?" is the #2 most frequently asked question I receive.


Anonymous said...

DG- good words on the blonde highlights! I have friends who swear by Ashlee!

I am wondering if you can tell me where is a trustworthy place for botox? Vanity has gotten me and I am in need.... can you help or warn - whichever is needed...


Funky Camel said...

im always surprised at how much women pay for their Salon appointments.
first you go through the hassle of making one, turning up,, taking an hour or more to finish what you went for and paying alot.

Us guys have it simple, i can get a haircut, shaving, wash, facial, scrub, and hair dye if i wanted to under 45 minutes and 5KD :P

LWDLIK said...

Ashlee's the best hope she can recommend me LOL :O)

SV said...

I have an appointment for highlights tomm with Ashlee... hope it goes well... first highlights of my life :-)