Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm a grandmother!

Ok not really (because I am faaaaaaaaaaar too young and oh yeah - I have no kids), but my adopted stray cat, Petunia (because she digs in the trash and smells disgusting), gave birth to 3 little tabby kittens last night/early this morning.  Last night, she made a bold and daring dash into my apartment again and I scooted her out. She was trying to tell me something and I was just too stupid to listen.    I looked out this morning (as I  usually do to give the "all clear"  for Desert Dawg to go potty), and saw what appeared to be Petunia and several mice on my "welcome" mat.  So, welcome to the world, Hughey, Dewey, and Lewey!

They were grey and small and about the same size as breakfast sausages.   I was worried about Hughey (the runt) because Petunia seemed to ignore him.  That is probably because she mighta thought that he was already dead.  He was really cold and  He and Dewey were away from her.  Lewey (with a long tail like a rat) was feedin away like he had always been there.  (I assume that he's male;  they usually go right for the teat.)

I don't no nothin bout birthin no babies... so I called my friend, Dr. Italiana, and she told me that it's no big deal.  I put Petunia (aka "Tunia") and HDL in a box lined and covered with towels and the whole fam is good to go.

I'm already making big plans to train them to ride around on Desert Dawg's back and perhaps create a circus act....  Yes, I lead a fasssssssssssssssssssscinating life, so I do.

Anybody want a tabby kitten in 8 weeks?


Anonymous said...

Would love to but hubby is very alergic!! :(

Anonymous said...

I may consider it! Will talk to my hubby and see! Newborn in the house so it might be a flat out no...
Don't worry about the kitties, they will be fine, mum will look after them until they can fend for themselves... if she thought the runt was dying she would have eaten it already, (they do that- gross, I know) im sure they will be fine! good luck!!

Anonymous said...

pork breakfast sausages?

Q8 Blend said...


Anonymous said...

mabrook! make sure to keep them warm and indoors all the time. also, dont touch the kittens too much during the first 2 weeks.
as for your kitty smelling gross.. you can give her a bath just be gentle cuz she just gave birth