Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome, welcome

I saw two Kuwaiti women at the mall who had been on the plane with me. I said hello in Arabic and told the older one that I remembered them because she looks like that actress - Hayatt whatshername. I meant it as a compliment, but she looked at me like I had 2 heads. She's probably not used to weirdos walking up to her in a mall in a foreign country and speaking to her. Whatever.

Its really nice to see more khaleeji Arabs around DC/Virginia again. There was a distinct shortage after 9/11 and now it seems like people are starting to come back and feel more comfortable (YEAH OBAMA!). I'm happy to see that. Oh, the United direct flights probably help. God love 'em.


Hilaliya said...

I am glad you are having a great time, I love DC as you know and I have a soft spot for it - I know exactly what you talking about (i.e. Tysons 2 etc).

The United flights are excellent, I wish we had these direct flights when I studied and worked there.

Anonymous said...

bon voyage dear

on my last visit to DC I had sooo much fun.. DC has so many museumes and the George town Uhh I wish I'm there right now .. also tyson's malls 1 , 2 shopping there gave me enough items to wear all year round

Have FUN dear.. and I hope U will write about your tour so we can learn about new places to see


Anonymous said...

I think her reaction was normal for travelling Kuwaitis! I remember when I was in LA whenever I say Salam (in Arabic to Kuwaitis) they gave this strange confused look (just like "what do you want? I don't know you)

Except for that group of guys with an old man who was wearing dishdasha in South Coast Plaza mall (Costa mesa) he was very welcoming and smiling :)

Unfortunately, this behavior is becoming normal on these days. En shaa’a Allah it changes

Sal said...

Hi Girl
always follows your posts
C,interrupting our shopping is like intruding in our sex, shopping is essential,semi daily,should be completed with painful (payment) enjoyment.

in order for you guys to regain your pre 9/11 tourist position to the Kuwaitis , you should guys review your border treatment to the citizen of the country that supposed to be your strongest allies after Israel inn the middle east.

I have being going to the state 6-7 times /year since 2001 and every time i go in and out i have to do the same questioning,photo taking,finger printing, i bit the guys in border security have full album of my picture since 2001 .

i fully understand your guys fears and precaution but im just conveying the fears of much non english kuwaiti tourist who avoid going to your country just to avoid such trouble.

have a wonderful day .

abolesanzalef said...

welcome back DG in DC..
right now i didi not have the opportunity to visit it but from the more reading i have about travelling i know that DC is a very intersting place to visit..specially Holocaust Memorial Musuem,Washington Monument,Constitution Gardens,..etc i know there are places there and i wish to have that chance one time...Hope....

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, DC. I hope you had a wonderful vacation.
Sal, I am sorry you are annoyed by airport security but it is not only Kuwaitis and other non-English people that have to go through the hassle. I have an American passport and I have had to go through the same treatment, both in the U.S. and in other countries. I just tell myself that I would rather put up with it than be on a plane with someone who may have something terrible in mind.

Salomon said...

I'm a big fan of UA flight 981/982 :).

Anonymous said...

Sal, if its any consolation everyone (who is a non-US citizen) gets the same treatment, questions on purpose of visit, photo, finger and thumb prints - UK/EU citizens don't get any fast-track or preferential treatment when they travel to the US either.

Sal said...

Dear Anonymous 1
who said im not putting up with it , the proof , im going to the state 5-6 times a year.
my point is for somebody who is regular visitor , common sense should prevail.

Dear Anonymous 2

thats not true, i always travel with canadian and american friends, im the only singled out , im not talking about the immigration interview who takes 5min , im talking about the official registration in arrival and departure .

Sam said...

It must feels good meeting someone from "HOME" across the ocean, but did you really tell her that she looks like Hayat Al Fahad?!!! come DG, it's not a compliment to tell someone that he looks like Danny DeVito!!