Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Battle of wits with an unarmed militia

Ya know how you get closer to vacation time when everything starts pissing you off and you just can't wait to get on the plane - even though:

1) there have been 2 plane crashes recently and they always happen in 3's; and
2) every idiot you meet or knows that you are going to the US has something catchy to say like, "Aren't you afraid of the H1N1 virus?"

Time for vacation. I'm so there.

I'm glad I'm not travelling on an Airbus. About the swine flu: I guess like other things in life, it is the luck of the draw. I would probably be more likely to get killed on the Gulf Road, but who knows? Swine flu fears have worked in my favor lately - especially as it pertains to personal space. All I need to do is to start coughing loudly and wipe the invisible perspiration off my forehead and people BACK OFF (except for those who never cover their mouths when they cough, never wash their hands, and think that sneezing in your face/vacinity is acceptable behavior).

Speaking of death and dying: I loved Farah. I looked just like her when I was 19 and had the same hair (I lie). I looked like Madonna (I lie again). Ok, inside my mind, I did.

I'm sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. Ok, so rest in peace and all that. Can we get over it now (LINDA???) ? Do you think that Michael's corpse will really be crynogenically frozen? Do you think he was already - several years ago? I don't know of anyone ever looking so unhealthy - ever. Do you? Anyhoo, I do love the jokes in poor taste, however. I've been getting a lot of those. You know it was inevitable. For example, "Michael Jackson's upcoming London dates have been cancelled. They were James (aged 9) and Thomas (aged 11)." and "Cause of Death: The Boogie." That is just wrong and I would never repeat that type of thing... it is so distasteful. I love CSI so maybe they'll have a future episode - completely unrelated to the Michael tragedy but in some ways similar; like they did with Anna Nicole.

Amongst other things, I wanted to be a forensic pathologist. Fascinating.
And auto mechanic
And stunt car driver
And Air Force pilot
And (believe it or not) housewife (that just made me giggle, but its true - I did.)

Ok, I still want to have a horse farm/dog sanctuary in my old age.


abolesanzalef said...

good morning Madonna....sorry i meant Amer...I thinking talking about Michael Jackson will be on our tongue for longtime....but still now no right info about the real reson of his death....

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was a good guy very talented (don't hate , appreciate).

Anonymous said...

Hi Desert Girl,

I enjoy reading your blog. Actually I have come across your name a couple of times before but never really had the time to read your full blog. Today is the first time and I really had fun reading it.

I also sent you an email couple of days ago. You were referred to me by my friend "nYx". I am still waiting for your reply, but maybe you are busy. So I decided to write you here on your blog. Very interesting and I'm learning a lot. I hope to meet you one day. Maybe I met you before. Did you ever visit the Holiday Bazaar @ the Movenpick Hotel in Shuwaikh? I was one of the vendors last year's Xmas Bazaar and the recent Spring Bazaar in April.

Anyway, as you mentioned here that you want to do a lot of things and you want to become a full time housewife? I am into that right now, it's fun ~ with my 2 lovely kids... but I need to get back to working full time job early next year or maybe put up a business of my own which I have been dreaming of.

Like you, I also wanted to do a lot of things; one of them is to have an organic garden on a rooftop of my bldg. I already started planting some herbs and eggplant, spring onions, bell pepper etc. and I think I will start replanting them when we move to our new villa next month. we are on a top floor and we have our own roof top! Speaking of accommodations here in Kuwait, there are very nice villas here in Mangaf for reasonable prices. Ours is a villa floor with 2 huge Bedrooms and huge living room, 1 toilet though, but for only KD200. But you prefer to live somewhere in Salmiya. Anyway, good luck for the hunt!

I hope to hear from you soon, and keep your blog as interesting as it is. Enjoy the summer heat!


Anonymous said...

Any celebrations for the 4th of July in Kuwait this year??

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll admit I'm a little spooked by all the recent plane crashes, but swine flu? Seriously? I'm in CA, and that just hasn't been in the news lately. I don't know anyone who had it, or whose friends had it, and so on and so on. The big news here is still MJ, especially since a public service for him will be held on Tuesday. BTW, happy Independence Day!