Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Losing it to tunes

I think I’m going (have gone) mental. Now tell me, does this happen to any of you, or am I correct in my assumption that it is just me….

Every morning, I wake up to a different random song. Kind of like Eli Stone, but not only limited to George Michael, nor to any particular genre. I don’t know if it is a prediction of the type of day that I am about to have, or maybe a road map to the type of day I should have. Je ne sais pas. I take all this stuff as little gifts; like the birds that used to come tap on my window or sing or the minas that used to make noises like car alarms going off – precisely at the time I was supposed to wake up.

Every morning. Without fail. Always something. Now music.

Today, it was “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers. I don’t even like that song. It is too hokey for me. Yesterday, it was some dance tune. Usually, I have forgotten what song it was by the time I'm on my way out of the bathroom.

Have I lost it for real? Ok, I’ll know when I have really lost it when ANYTHING by Michael Jackson works its way into my on-board playlist. God forbid that heavy metal should sneak in there. Would I go on a head-banging rampage? (If so, call this number - 24843900 - and report me. If you already know that number by memory, then it is time to report yourself.)

Can I download from my head?

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