Friday, July 24, 2009

OBX Baybee

I'm in Corolla Light in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with 12 other people; mostly my family.  I traded one form of sand for another and this kind is definitely an improvement.

I'm seriously not in a writing mood, but thought I would say hi.  I'm going to the beach now.  Later.


Boz said...

Oh sick.. I totally miss this place.. We used to spend every spring break in nags head!! Have fun..

abolesanzalef said...

so you left without saying a word....
MMMM ok DG..we will discuus that
that view took my sight too..enjoy and have fun...I hope be there here is too..........u know.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Banks! I hope it hasn't gotten too crowded in Corolla like it has farther sourth. Sort of ridiculous - you live 5000 miles from the Banks and are enjoying being there today. Me? I live 250 miles due west and haven't been in several years. I guess the mountains keep calling my name. But the idea of some fresh seafood surely is tempting!

Enjoy your vacation, too!

Traveleer said...

hope you are having a good time love :) your fans miss you :P

Anonymous said...

The sand looks great!!

Have FUN!


Anonymous said...

Hi DG,

I'm glad you posted something. I was getting worried about you. Enjoy your vacation and the beach.

Anonymous said...

Hi DG,
I'm glad you posted something. I was begining to get worried about you. Enjoy your time at the beach.