Thursday, December 11, 2008

VIVA la competition!!!!

Arab Times today.


Why should they "control competition in the market"? Finally, a company comes along that offers service to their customers that the other mobile companies are not providing - and they call a meeting to discuss how to control it - "a way out"? What - are they like the lines of same business-type shops (shoes for example) that put stores right next to each other (as in Samiya for example) and then all of a sudden the prices are all fixed/similar?

Sure VIVA is using aggressive marketing ploys! Good for them! Isn't that what the SHOULD be doing? Isn't that good business? What, did someone have say - a CREATIVE ORIGINAL IDEA - and it pissed off the old boys? God forbid someone in Kuwait should step outside of the box! It might be the collapse of civilization! Let's call our friends together for a meeting. This is awful! We didn't plan for this to happen.

Ever heard of "strategy"?

If the other telecomms companies - Zain and Wataniya - want to keep up, they should adjust. Change or stagnate. Stagnate and die.

How about this:
  • Peak and low calling periods with advertised rates!
  • Commonly called groups ("friends & family") at a discount (I think this is one of Viva's new ploys).
  • On-line statements with billing details and stats.
  • and my personal favorite - the ability to "own" your number/take it with you if you decide to switch to another provider (Viva - here I come....)
Why shouldn't telecomms companies be competitive? Oh... oh.... you mean that Zain and Wataniya might loose market share??? What are they - the chosen ones? Ma Bell?

I tell you what "strangulation" is: my 200 kd/month Zain bill with no itemization of call charges.


Anonymous said...

well written!

A Confused fella said...

I agree, I guess all the fuss because Kuwait is not used to any major marketing bursts, I don't know about Wataniya they didn't react much on "the rising of Viva" but Zain freaked out, I don't know how Zain can feel threatened, I mean Zain was established in the 80s right?

Btw, on a personal note, I do prefer Zain :P, I just got my Viva postpaid SIM card and it seems that every question I ask to Viva I get the "soon" and "We do not know yet" response, I understand though, the company is still new so I'm giving them a chance. I'm using both Viva and Zain (one of the reasons I'm holding to my Viva SIM is because I got a kickass number ;))

General comment: just found your blog today, and I have to say that I enjoyed reading it, as you said in one of your posts, you go girl! :)

Stan said...

K guys am back...nd wht a wonderful news to see ders some competition in d country nw...thank God Viva's entry has atleast made the other players completely cut out incomin rates...wish if more players come in to Kuwait...nevertheless im impressed already...-:)

Anonymous said...

& now after many months have already gone all i can say is ...