Thursday, September 11, 2008

Training Course

I was a’flippin channels the other night and came to one of those religious dudes preaching about Ramadan. I liked the metaphor he used in description of Ramadan: “Ramadan is a training course for the rest of the year.”

Since I heard him say that, I have given it considerable thought. I wholeheartedly agree with him – it SHOULD be a training course for the rest of the year. However, some people seem to take the negative training course rather than the positive one.

How can you be kind, compassionate, considerate, patient, and God-fearing through the rest of the 11 months of the year if you think you have been given an excuse to be rude, mean, pushy, obnoxious and generally unkind for 30 days? Fasting doesn’t give anyone the right to flip out. Au contraire.

“… but I’m fasting”. Really???? So WHAT?

My philosophy on those who flip is: stay at home – and preferably alone where you won’t bother anyone.

This includes those who are physically incapacitated while trying to get behind the wheel of a car. I see you; I know who you are. You are either the ones driving at breakneck speed, trying to get in front of other people or in an attempt to attract attention from members of the opposite sex; or perhaps you might be one of the people I see between 3:30 and 6:00 who sway back and forth in the lane because you are just too dizzy/hot/dehydrated to know that you are driving dangerously.

DG Philosophy also includes those who know that your blood sugar levels determine your mood. If you can’t behave appropriately during Ramadan, you shouldn’t be in the company of other humans. One of my peeps works at a school and had to break up a fist fight between one of the teachers and a school manager. Interestingly, as if that weren’t bad enough; none of the other male teachers would step in to assist in breaking up the fight which was IN FRONT OF CHILDREN. I don’t consider those other male teachers to be MEN and certainly not men who should consider their day’s prayers to be accepted.

Furthermore, I am sitting at my desk right now listening to someone shouting loud enough for most of the office to hear him about an overdue invoice. Grow up and/or go eat a Snickers, dude. Which do you think God will consider the greater sin? Breaking fast to eat or continuing to fast and being mean?

I work with several examples of laziness who sleep most of the time during Ramadan. I’m really sure that in the 2 full hours of work that they put in during the day, they aren’t accomplishing anything. What about working to your full potential? Who gave them a slack-off-for-free card? These same people deduct a full day’s pay from poorly-paid employees who show up 15 minutes late to work.

I’ve also noted, humorously, that men are blatant about gzzzing this year. DG: “Whatchadoin?” Dudes: “Gzzzzing. It means when you chase after girls… “ Duuh. I’ve just not heard people actually SAY (confess) that is what they are doing (during Ramadan no less) and as if it is a sporting event. That just plain cracks me up. If they are in training during those 30 days, then watch out during the rest of the year! Major serseree-ism going on around here!

So, what are we learning during Ramadan? Sum up the 7 sins (ok, these are Christian in origin, but they still apply); Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride. What kind of training course is that? 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Fasters?

Maybe the training course applies to the people in society who only observe poor behavior during Ramadan (and not take part in it), and note how they can do a little better to correct their own. Hmmmmm. Maybe. Maybe God is using bad-mannered mean people to show us examples of what not to do.

I’m going to count some blessings now. I’ve had several good ones this week that are particularly noteworthy. Isn’t it amazing how philosophical I am and without coffee? Wow.


Purgatory said...

Ramadan is like Purgatory.

X said...

Unfortunitly not many people know that fasting in ramadan is not just about food its alot more about behavior than anything else.

Hornet said...

Well thank for this great thread, what you see in the streeh's is not true believers of Allah, for that reason you may find alot of Muslems who really think that Ramdan is just abstention from food & drinks during the day in the mean while Ramadan is abstention from any thing makes Muslem gain more iniquity.
From what I see things in my life Ramadan is soul & body course that we all Muslems should keep in controle...

Barb said...

Hi Desert Girl, I am new to Kuwait and just passed by your blog. I love it! Any advice for a new civilian in Kuwait?

orange08 said...

i like what you have discussed about to consider from the bad people and avoid bad behaviours in seeing those people. actually, there is a theory about this situation. let me to give you simple explanation. predict there is no evil or bad values in the world, so how the people can live only with good values? everything will be right and there is no need to struggle your life, even you can guarantee your destiny to go to the heaven. in this manner, is the human can live with challenges that make him trying everyday to be the best? of course there is no mean to live in that life. thus, life need to have mistakes. need to experience it to live with the pain and attempt to go after this stage of blam's feel to the higher condition when you are crying during your prayer.

her, the individual will be vary according to his or here will.

orange08 said...
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Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to see what a real fasting should look like... you should see India during the month; or Malaysia, Indonesia...

I have tons friends who in India used to come out with us for breakfast, lunch and then a few drinks ... maintaining a friendly mood and laughter...........WITHOUT A DROP OF WATER

Why are there people "Flying-in" from different parts of the world to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to beg?.cause they all know this is the time "they" give. When the real deal should be to give whenever and how many ever times as you can.... not just during "Ramadan"

I think Ramadan was created as a training month for the misled Moslems..