Sunday, September 14, 2008

Egyptian Chops

Dudes, don’t piss off a butcher with a cleaver in his hand! September 13th: Three Egyptian operators of a meat chop in Shuwaikh were trying to settle their finances when the discussion escalated into a fistfight. One of them allegedly took a cleaver and started hitting his compatriots on the neck, stomach and other parts of their bodies. One dead, one seriously injured. Oh, that is SO NOT HALAL.

I had a pretty decent weekend; although I spent a good part of it sleeping. I ate so much on Thursday night with my galpals that I had a dream that I was 3 months pregnant. (Ooooo scawy!) I’m probably afraid of getting one of those 50-year-old-man rice bellies that you see around these parts. Thursday night was rice and fried-everything and Friday night it was mrubian and gaymat. Yummmmm. PLUS, I had the extra bonus of being on the receiving end of gergayan treats. So cool. I’m 5 years old. I admit it.

Nothing is really new in my world. I got chased down the street by a 50-something dude in a Ferrari and then around the mall by another one. Ramadan makes men go nuts (obviously, in several different ways). I’m liking it.


Hellraiser said...

This is so sick, I read in the newspapers today. I can't believe that people do not have the ability to resolve issues by talking. This idiot did not even think of his actions in the Holy Month and the aftermath which will be a death sentence. So lets see what did he gain out of this, Honor yes arabs are high on honor!!
Money nop!
Proving he is tuff nop!
I can't see how can people be blinded by rage, do we have a fuse that blow and diconnect our common sense.

We live in a sick world.

Emarket said...

hope ur enjoying ur ramadan , how long have u been here in kuwait ?

Anonymous said...

Hey yo DG i like ur blog but can u write somethin about bieng born and raised in Kuwait 2nd generation ( my dad is born here too) but still treated like "foreigner" and you still need a "tourisit" visa to visit your country of birth if u leave the country for 6 months . btw the kuwaiti constitution gives citizinship rights for residents prior 1965 but the law is never implemented

Jewaira said...

I shall overlook the gruesome butcher parts of this post and concentrate on food.