Thursday, February 14, 2008

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wrong Chair!

This is Complete Living by Al-Ghanim's ad for furniture.
Found in today's Arab Times
Ok, what were they thinkin? To me, this ad just screams, "Oh my God, I bought the wrong chair. I think I am going to cry." Or, "My husband has just left me for another woman and all I have left is this big chair." Or maybe even, "Ok, so I bought this big chair, but holy crap, I have to pay 200 fils for parking because I've been in the store for an hour at The Avenues and they don't validate." Or perhapsee, "C'mon you guys, take the damn photo and I'm outa here!" Alluring? Not.

Yo, ad peeps - the people in the photos should be happy or at the very least, not appear to be close to tears. Would somebody pass the Kleenex? Sniffle.


Stinni said...


"Waaaaaaaah, I'm SO bored."

"Yet another purchase and *SIGH* I'm still not happy."

"What do you mean...the lime green hijab doesn't go with the mauve outfit? Shit! Maybe if I hang out by the purple chair, nobody will notice."

snookie said...

looks like she needs more "sexy pout" practice.. cuz this aint workin

Desert Girl said...

LOL. Youse guys crack me up.

Stinster: Yeah, just a weeeee bit materialistic, n'est pas?

Snookster: That's not a sexy pout, it's a scowl. Sexy pout would require more lipgloss. tee hee.