Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Go Carts and Penguins

Go Cart!!!!!! I want to play!

Sorry the picture is kinda grainy - I took it with my mobile.

I was at Misref fair grounds yesterday attending the "Building & Construction Exhibition" (why? Because I had to.) when I saw this image: 3 3000 GTs in a go cart lot. Is this for real? I didn't have time to stop and ask (didn't see anyone around either). Is it a drift course? I am SOOOOOOOO going to do this. The red one looks just like my Stealth. I hope that they're all manual transmission. Has anyone played here? What is the age limit: can kids drive? That would be F-ed up, but not unbelievable - this being Kuwait and all. None of the cars had license plates on them - except for the red one.

The exhibit was a boring bust, but I hadn't given any intellectual consideration to the amount of damn good looking mens in there with very little female competitors. Just like shopping in Home Depot except without the day laborers.

........ Something completely different.........

Kuwait: Full of Penguins? The Romanian says that Kuwait is full of “penguins”: (mostly) short, fat men. I kinda think of them as robber barons.

My question is this: if you have a male relative with a stomach this big – wouldn’t you want to advise him to lose it? How dangerous is that much weight around the stomach? Dudes heart must be working quadroople time.


Paradise Found said...

humm, I wanna drive, course I'll knock everyone off the track cause I drive a little wild...but I should fit in eh?
Forgot to ask you about the last much,is KD5000 in US? I have some spare parts I might wanna get rid of. Do they pay anything for chins? I have two...what about thunder thighs or love handles? Shelf butts?

Desert Girl said...

Paradise: I think that the course is really too small for these cars, but I'm willing to smash some shit up finding out fer sure! :)

It is around $18,000. She's stupid: The going rate in the US in the 1980's was well above $100,000. The US no longer allows organ selling because people came from around the world to buy them (I knew a heavy drinking Saudi who bought not one, but two kidneys - after he drank through the 1st one - at rate of $100k ea). I mean, if you're going to sell a body part, don't discount.

Ra7aLaH said...

Love the go cart!!!khantsabaq!