Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Yet another excuse for why there are so many accidents in Kuwait

I love how "they" (and I don't know who "they" is but just "they") blame everything but the true cause of accidents.

Here's what really causes accidents in Kuwait:  Speed, lack of law enforcement/fines, people who get their licenses via wastah and not by actually knowing how to drive, lack of drivers training, reckless drivers/repeat offenders who use wastah to get off and are back on the roads, etc.

Then there are those who want to outdo the Al-Jones' and buy their kid a hot car:   If you are going to buy your kid a high-speed sports car when he (usually he) is too young (30 and under?) to understand or care that speed kills, it isn't the kid's fault:  It is the parents.

Further.... (Just a few, fun Desert Girl pieces of advice)

  • It is NOT ok to reverse up an exit ramp.
  • It is NOT ok to cut across 3 lanes of traffic "just because"
  • It is NOT ok to zig-zag/weave in-and-out of lanes
  • It is NOT ok to tailgate:  putting your bumper so far up the ass-end of the  car in front of you that the other driver can see your tonsils.
  • It is NOT ok to talk on the phone (text, look for a Pokemon) with your kid on your lap, smoking a cigarette while driving.
  • It is NOT ok to make 4 lanes out of 1 or 2.

Also, if you're a dumbass and don't maintain your car, that's another reason for accidents and break-downs.  Tires are important in Kuwait, oil changes, checking the water and cooling system, brake pads...  (Your stupid Sworovski crystal rear-view mirror charm is NOT the most important aspect of your car.)

They were blaming foreigners for the high rate of traffic accidents just five minutes ago.  Now this from the Arab Times:

High rate of traffic accidents in Kuwait tied to ‘fake car parts

KUWAIT CITY, July 16: Deaths recorded in motor accidents in Kuwait reached 429 in 2015 while 461 cases were recorded in 2014. In this context, several citizens and expatriates have attributed the high rate of traffic accidents in Kuwait to widespread of fake car parts.

A Kuwaiti man Ali Jaber asserted that fake car parts from China and Korea as well as some Arab countries have flooded the Kuwaiti market in an unbelievable manner. He stressed that many motorists are forced to buy fake parts considering the high cost of the originals, knowing well it is detrimental to the performance of their cars and shortens their lifespan.  (DG note, then buy a frickin Toyota if you can't afford the maintenance on a Merc, dumbasses!  "Forced" ha!)

“I never source for fake parts for my cars no matter the condition, in order to avoid putting myself in danger of accidents. Another respondent Subhi Imam indicated he sometimes purchases fake car parts because the original is expensive. He cited a particular spare part sold is for about KD 12 but he gets the fake one for KD 2 or less. In his comment, Mohamed Abdul Ali said his cousin burnt the interior of his car about two years ago because he used a fake electrical part, and the end result was deadly. 

Also, mechanical engineer Adel Al-Hamoud indicated the widespread of fake car parts in Kuwait is a dangerous trend. He premised his account on the fact that materials used in manufacturing fake spare parts are recycled more than once, and they are not clean. Therefore, they are easy to break.


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Oman is the same with fake auto parts, although here people are simply tricked (no one buys a Merc over a Toyota here;) ).

This is totally the government's fault. The government has to ensure quality and harshly fine or close down the criminals causing deaths for selling fake parts. UAE sends people to jails and fines millions to billions.

That's why UAE doesn't have the fake parts issue.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Also... lower insurance rates;)

Memecrew said...

I completely agree with you on this Desert Girl. I had a car accident because this stupid girl was on her phone and wasn't paying attention. She ended up in a building with her car without a scratch on her and i fractured my back in two places. Whats worse is that she didn't have a driving license, her husband was in the police force and i had to pay for my own damages because he refused. Even after going to the police with all the evidence i was pretty much told to sling my hook.

Desert Girl said...

Memecrew - I'm sorry you had to go through that. It sounds awful and I hope that you've recovered.

I don't know if this will work or not, but you can always try to appeal directly to the Minister of Interior. There is contact information on the internet. Often, the top brass doesn't hear what has happened at police stations and at the moment, Sheikh Mohammed is all about equal protection under the law.