Sunday, July 03, 2016

Tenancy Case Continues...

Now I am Lawyer #4.  I've decided to pursue the case only because it amounted to psychological terrorism and I'm not willing to back down.  I am sure that asstard is doing the same to other tenants - maybe even as I'm writing this.

I have met with some of THE most unethical people in my life during the past year.  I invested time and money to people who led me down the wrong path; who knowingly referred me to work with a law STUDENT when they knew that the creature I was signing a contract with was not in fact an actual lawyer.  I paid that lawyer out on the recommendation of the same person, only to be misled yet again on her referral of Lawyers #3; changing the terms and conditions for payment and contract signing after 4 months of having my power of attorney.  Really?  (How long does it take go go get police reports?!  It took me 4-5 hours each time to document the police reports and not one lawyer can just obtain them?)  Anyhoo, this person lives in its own little world, believing its own BS, so I should have known.  Well, my fault for trusting someone with so little ethics and moral fortitude.   You want to believe people, but you learn.   Que sera.

Bygones.  As AHE says, "That was in the past." (He thinks "in the past" is even a day ago, but he's right.)

#4 is a guy who I am not going to pay until he gets the job done; money in hand.  From what I've been told by a Sheikh friend, "He's a magician in the ministries."  So maybe he'll be my lucky charm. Who knows?  Nothing to lose on this one.

I just know that this whole thing has been a learning process.  I've lost a few false friends over it and I really don't have any regrets because its all for the best.  God shows you who your real friends are, and blesses you when you find out who they are not.


Hebah Dwidari said...

god help you, this all sounds very annoying having to deal with so many lawyers

Ikasdu 64 said...

Wish you the very best, stay strong and believe in yourself