Tuesday, June 21, 2016

K9 Massacre in Kuwait

(Note that I am adding links to articles that are appearing almost on a daily basis now around the Globe at the end of this post.)

This has been all over social media and the written press is just starting to take a look at it.  It happened on June 17, 2016,  at a facility in/near Mina Abdullah that had a contract with KNPC.  According to the story and various sources, supposedly 24 dogs (but as many as 40)  were killed when the company lost it's contract - apparently in a form of revenge.

There are still 91 dogs at the facility and everyone is very concerned for them.

Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit Q8 can be found on Instagram KARUQ8 if you wish to follow their progress.

Note that I have not mentioned the name of the company nor it's owner/management because it would be illegal to do so in Kuwait.  However, you can read any of the internationally-published stories to learn more.

Articles (Local and International):

Ladies Who Do Lunch Blog posted HERE.

Arab Times:  Outrage as Dogs Culled Article HERE.

Al-Qabas Article HERE:

The president of the company has been in trouble before:  CorpWatch Article

Mission K-9 Rescue Article 

Retired Military Working Dogs Article

Facebook site HERE.

Kuwait Times HERE.   KNPC Clarifies

Daily Express (UK) HERE.

New York Post HERE.  (REALLY good/detailed article.)

New York Post #2 HERE.  And oooooh - this one has his photo!

Snopes.com HERE

I am saddened, sickened, and distressed by this. I go home and look at my own German Shepherd and wonder how anyone could be so evil and cold-hearted to such wonderful creatures.  They will do anything for you for just a little love.

To all of you working to help in this case, God Bless You and keep up the good fight.

June 26, 2016 Appeal for Help

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