Sunday, June 05, 2016

Devil Children

So yesterday, I was with a friend and we took his yacht (shut up - I am NOT making this up) to a secluded area with no people around to enjoy a PEACEFUL day swimming.  We had some music playing and we were just swimming around with no boats around.  There were some jet skiis far away, but most of them didn't come close to the boat... except for one ashhole kid who circled around the boat and got within feet of us, only to spray us with water. He was so close that he could have hit either one of us.   He had this angry, evil look on his face.

The stories you hear lately out of Kuwait about "children" (demons) torturing animals and stabbing people and harassing women in malls...  WTF!

I was in Mahboula (aka "New Jack City") the other day and witnessed an almost-accident between a gentleman-looking Kuwaiti in an Escallade and (get this shit) at 11-12 year old driving a mini-van.  The "driver" of the mini van was waving for the Escallade (in the right) to back up.  Holy snap!  With attitude too???  Thankfully, the Kuwaiti man was responsible and stopped the boy.  I was secretly hoping that he was an undercover cop!

What is wrong with people?  Are they raising demons?  Is no one taking responsibility for these horrible small people?  It is infuriating.  And guess what - if you raise an asshole, you are going to get an asshole adult who does terrible things to YOU, the parent, not just the community.   Karma, biotches!

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