Monday, August 22, 2016

Sanctions planned for dodgers of DNA – No tolerance

So, the entire country of Kuwait is about to be DNA tested.  To include Kuwaitis, non-Kuwaitis (stateless) and expats.

It's about to go POMPEI up in here!  Maury say:

Arab Times
KUWAIT CITY, Aug 21: The Ministry of Interior expects thousands of Kuwaitis not to come forward for the DNA test because they fear losing their nationality, reports Al- Shahed daily.  (DG comment:  Emmmmm.... I don't think that's why, but ok...)

The daily put this number at approximately 200,000 saying these people got their nationality through fraudulent means.

However, sources close to the issue said the ministry is prepared to take legal action against those who reject the DNA test to the extent of withdrawing their citizenship. Official sources at the Interior Ministry said failure to undergo DNA test to obtain the e-passport will not be tolerated by the government which is determined to set a time limit to undergo these tests and failure will mean cancellation of passports and issuing a travel ban against them even to the GCC states.

The sources added the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Department for Citizenship Affairs shall remain in touch with other government institutions and terminate the services of those who refuse to undergo the DNA tests and also suspend free medical treatment in government hospitals.

The sources also said the government will impose a ban on their transactions of all kinds and their siblings will not be accepted in government schools.

The sources pointed out these measures will not be arbitrary or chaotic, but in accordance with legal norms, and shall be as stated in the provisions of the Kuwaiti nationality law which is in force with regard to withdrawing nationality of those who have acquired it through fraudulent means.


Ok, so how are they going to count all those kids that don't belong to they Kuwaiti daddies?  Did they obtain their nationality fraudulently?  One has to wonder what will happen. I believe that there may indeed be a wee bit of chaos on all levels of society following these tests.  Should be fascinating.


Mimi said...

Yippee, fun times ahead!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back,we missed you

Malik Umair said...

it'll get nasty.. i know a guy who's from a very prominent family and his kids aren't his.. ROFL!
Diwaniyas will be full of gossiping in winters ;)

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Anonymous said...

We sort of have this label for some people -sons of Bangladeshi drivers- could be daughters too I guess. When my son was in 3 grade and up there was a boy in his class, exact clone of the driver that would pick him up. I'm not too sure how this Dna is suppose to be used exactly. My parents in law are dead so how do my husband his brothers and sister prove who they are or is it for younger generations. They have been talking about this for many years but didn't do it because of the can of beans it would open... We shall see