Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Cat Came Back

It's back.  Like nothing happened.  Remember how a few months ago I wrote about a guy who I caught with another girl in the car?  Dude came back around like nothing happened.  Called me this MORNING. (Why?  Probably because I just got my salary and I know his family is all angry at him for a family-related-violation.)   He wants to "be friends."

Me:  We were friends before. My friends don't lie to me.
Him:  No, this time friends with no love.
Me:  Did you love me?  I wasn't in love.
Him:  We can be friends now.  Just friends.  Then, I won't lie to you.
Me:  I can't be friends with someone I don't trust.  You're lying to me now.
Him:  It is all your fault!  If you weren't following me (I wasn't - I was on my way home), we never would have had a problem.
Me:  If you hadn't LIED to me about having a girl in your car with you 2 days after you said  you wanted to marry me, we wouldn't have had a problem.
Him:  Why are we talking about this now?  Do you want to make me angry?  Do you want to see me or not?
Me:   (.... click....)
Him:  (via SMS that followed:)  ??? what happened?

The cat came back....  I can't get rid of it.

I've met 3 men in the past 24 hours (and it is only because I have totally given up and The Universe is just messin with me now).

  • One at the phone store last night.  
  • One this morning: my sheikh-neighbors who has apparently memorized my schedule and always sees me when my dog is taking a poop at 6 am when I look my absolute-worst (I don't brush my teeth, I don't comb my hair, I don't wash my face.  My dog is taking a poop.)  
  • One at the restaurant where I have lunch.  

Am I going to talk to any of them again?  Nope.  (Maybe the sheikh - only because he will undoubtedly come running over when it's poop time and I will be cornered....  I have found that you can't make your dog poop and run at the same time.  I tried - totally gross.)

Did I mention I'm tired?

I used to get  flowers and romantic dinners on boats by candle light and crystal and "that" look (the one that makes  you weak in the knees) and weekend trips and shit like that. Now I get this?  I swear I would become a lesbian if I could possibly turn myself (not gonna happen, ladies, and no, you pervs - you can't watch).


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the sad mishap, but it is hilarious, how can you not see how men are? I am a male too, and i know how these dudes think, sadly the respect shown to women in this country is just external (sometimes not even that), internally they still think they can treat women as they like, the truth is everybody is an Ahole, just smile and live on , when the time is right , your man will come up to you and make you feel special ( mind you, fancy dinners and luxurious stays do not count), look for a connection, once established, nothing can come in between.