Sunday, April 26, 2015

Landlord Problems: What did she do to make them so angry?

If I read this continuing saga - that would be the first question that would come to my mind. ... she must have done something to piss them off to this extent, right?

So, I live in a private villa.  I rent the basement floor.   They didn't want to rent to me to begin with because (supposedly) I had a dog.  The way the sister of the landlord ("hariss") looked me up and down on the day I was to first meet with her was like she was Church Lady sizing up the town prostitute. (Because they only want to rent to foreigners, but all single foreign women must be prostitutes...)   Anyhoo, she agreed to me renting it.  I loved the apartment and moved in.  I also knew that they could have asked for much higher rent than they were charging me (400KD)

When the hariss handed me the illegal eviction notice (March 25), she demanded that I sign it in agreement.  I refused and said that I would have my lawyer look at it.  3 days later, she flew back down the stairs on her broom and asked for the signed copy and grunted, "What are you going to do?"  I said ONLY, "I'm staying."  She said in a mocking way, "Ohhhh you're staying?  Ok. .... ok.... " as if she had something in mind. ("I'll get you my pretty... and  your little dog too" - Wizard of Oz).   The next time she came down, she demanded that I return the letter to her (either because they figured out that it was illegal, or more likely that she wanted to show her brother the owner that I had refused to sign in agreement).  I told her that the letter was with my lawyer and that I didn't want to speak to her or her family again - she could contact my lawyer and I gave her his card....

And that was enough to send the entire thug family into a psychotic rage apparently.


I am certain that they want to re-rent the apartment to someone under a much higher rent.  Had they asked, I probably would have paid without blinking an eye.

I have since heard that, "It is MY house.  She needs to get out."  Well yes, it is his house, but like a rental car, you are paying for something to be in your possession for as long as your contract states. It is business.  If you don't want other people living in your house, don't rent to people.  You don't just decide you don't want to do business anymore; there is a contract and agreement and both parties should abide by it.  If I didn't abide by all the terms and conditions in the contract, they would have every right to call the police too.  But I've never violated any of their stipulations.  There is even a clause (#6, page 2) in the rental agreement which states (in English and Arabic) that I have a dog and where the dog may and may not walk in, on, or near the common areas of the property.  I have never broken that agreement and have always used a separate, private entrance.

I have never spoken to the owner of the building (although I have tried calling, he has refused to answer).   He has SMSed me once prior to the problems and that's it.  I signed and sent him his eviction notice - stating that I would vacate on his terms.  If he had picked up the phone and spoken to me when he first wanted to evict me, none of us would have the problems we're having now.  Now he's facing years of legal issues.  Even if I decide to back down; even if I move to another country - my lawyer will still fight the battle on my behalf.  And no - I am not going to give up.

What I believe is that because I am a single woman living alone, they assume that I am going to cower and slip away quietly.  Under "normal" circumstances, I might just have.  But I've been threatened.  My dogs have been threatened.  My car has been threatened (they asked one of the house workers to vandalize it).  My health is at risk (chest pains and EKG's baby....wanasa).  I'm not going to slip away quietly on this one.

I have physically moved out of the apartment, although I still don't have anywhere to move to (I'm looking).  I got a quote from a storage company for 500KD for a WEEK for packing/storing my things (a 2 bedroom apartment),  DAYUM!!!  I've removed all the valuable and sentimental items.  The small dog is with a friend who has known her since she was a puppy.  The big dog is with other friends at a boarding kennel.  I'm staying at the farm on the weekends and with my BFF during the week.  I am sleeping well now and I no longer feel that I have to sleep with a knife next to my bed.

Even when I go back to the apartment to pick up small items or to pack, I don't go alone.  The brother of the owner sits outside in his car, pretending to be working on it, while he stares at me the entire time I enter/exit.  Thug threat tactics.  More intimidation and threats - for no reason.  I'm leaving - WTF do you want me to do???

God help any other tenants that move into their properties.  (This one is in Rumaithiya and it should be coming available after Ramadan.  It is a basement apartment.  Taupe color building that used to be yellow.  The house is right off the walking track.)

A house needs to fall on the whole bunch of them.... Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.


Averroes said...

DON'T EVER DROP THE CASE. Reading the previous article pissed me off.

Anyway,I personally wouldn't live in the same house or near the "Land lord". There are some Apartments in some buildings made for rent in Al Salam made by professional companies/individuals ,no landlord drama, check them out.


Anonymous said...

good good