Thursday, December 05, 2013

Happy Birthday, Reyadh-O

I would like to say a special  happy birthday to my friend, Reyadh, at Al Boom Dive Center.

I've known Reyadh since I was 18 years old when he was just starting his career as a diver.  That was a while ago... (I am not going to date either one of us by revealing HOW long ago, but it has been a  little while).

We've been through a lot of ups and downs and we are still life-long friends.  He taught me much of what I know about Kuwait through kindness and generosity; as did his family.  I sincerely regret never having had the opportunity to meet his mother in person (God rest her soul), but she is someone who has made an impact on my life and I think of her whenever I drive by Daiya.  She was a kind woman who welcomed me into their family.

I am still friends with some of Reyadh and my mutual friends.  I still see them as young 20-somethings as students; hanging out in clubs, driving cool cars, being cool in general.  I was one of the gang.  I cooked for them, helped them with stupid things like problems with neighbors or bank accounts, and invited them to meet my family (hopefully extending a little American hospitality).

I was driving down the Gulf Road, many years later, when a ranking officer in a fire truck leaned out the window and say, "(Desert Girl)!  Is that YOU?"  I see him in the newspapers sometimes these days.  The hair is a little different, but they are just older cool guys now.

Reyadh was dear to my family.   They all expected him to be part of us forever, but we took different paths in life.  I am thankful that he is so happy and he has so many wonderful blessings in his life (hey - including a friend like ME!)  He has (Mashallah) 7 children and a job that he loves working on the sea.  He's extremely popular in diving circles and (again Mashallah) has many friends throughout the world now.

So to you, Schmed:  I will always remember you as that cool 24-year old guy with the sports car and the awesome group of friends.  The apartment in Rockville and Saleh's house guest who broke the toilet trying to squat on it Arabic-style.  Traveling to see Sami and Talal in LA.  Taking the boat to that little island in Hawaii.  Bob's Big Boy.   Daytona beach.  Hanging with my dad in Baltimore.  Fetah's major crush on my sister.   My mom's fierce loyalty to you.  Defending you when your downstairs neighbor said, "You Arabs are cooking in your living room."  You defending me from the Monster.  Salah cooking mowish and Shannon hating it. ... and many more years of endearing memories that I owe to you.

Happy birthday, dear friend. I hope to be wishing you the same well into our '90's!


Anonymous said...

hi there was an old post about the brazilian blowout .. may i know where you've done it? i know its sounds weird to ask about 3 years ago post but i really need it thanks!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 9:08 - Ashlee at Strands in Salmiya (behind Fanar). Phone 25711237. They still do it. It is a lighter version of keratin treatments (still leaves some wave - not completely straight).

Mohammad said...

Hello Desert Girl!

I have been reading your blog for some time, and i have to say, you have a very interesting life :D

One thing that i have noticed, is you drive a Camaro (NO DUH REALLY?).

Since you live in Kuwait, and have experience with the whole sports car and services thing, i could use your help and opinion.

I have a 2002 Ford Mustang. I bought it used, and it has cost me over 1000 KD, just to try and fix it up (It had so many problems)

But thing is, even after all this, it still isn't running well. I don't trust the mechanics in Shuwaikh anymore :( They take my money, tell me they fixed something when they actually didn't do anything.

Long story short, who would YOU recommend that is trustworthy and KNOWS his stuff to fix this thing? I am really at my limit, financially and emotionally. Lol, i just want this car running well and not screaming at me everytime i turn the key :P

Sorry for the long post, but i really need someone who understands, and you seem to have a LOT more knowledge of fixing cars in Kuwait than me.

Sorry to bother you as well :)

I will shut up now lol!

My email is

If you have any mechanic that knows how to work on sports cars, i would LOVE to have his number and name :)

Thanks again! I will shut up now :D

Expat and the City said...

Miss your posts DG. <3

Anonymous said...

Are you OK?