Monday, December 02, 2013

Animal Care: WATER!!!

So this weekend, I was at my camp.  We have a friend who just added a tent (our camp has now become an expansive "compound" with more friends adding more tents all over the place.  More on that later).  Anyhoo, new dude brought 2 dogs with him:  His prized English bulldog and a French bulldog (I could tell causa their accents and one wore a beret).  The English bulldog got to sleep in his tent. I don't know why he didn't let the French bulldog sleep inside too (maybe because he was trying to hump the little guy all night, doggy style; come to think of it, also known as "French-style" so either way, it makes sense.).  Anyways, Dewy (French dog), was tied outside to one of the tent stakes.  Well, it gets hot in the morning and Dewy was out there with his little pug face in a hot pant with NO WATER.

Ok people, but to me (and I'm sure others) -- this is just animal abuse.  You do not leave an animal (ANY animal) in your care without water.  You wouldn't do it to your kids (well shet - maybe a lot of people over here might...).  Anyways, Dewy was so hot that he was trying to dig up the tent stake so he could set himself free.  I got him some water and moved him into the shade.  [I also replaced the chain/wire that was around his neck with a proper collar and leash (I keep them in my car just in case I have to rescue some critter.)]

Then, prized English bulldog came out when the owner woke up. Dude tied him up and again - NO WATER.  WTF. Pugs and bulldogs are NOT good breeds for Kuwait anyways:  It is too hot here and they have breathing problems to begin with because of their short snouts. (United Airlines even refuses to fly them during hotter seasons of the year because of the risk.)  Without water, they can die very quickly.

One time, I was at the Friday Market (I believe it was around 1998 - the last time, I vowed, ever to go there again).  There were a bunch of dogs in small cages, panting heavily and looking near-death.  I asked seller dudes where the water was.  They pointed to empty plastic water bottles littering the ground.  Uh... noooo.... unacceptable.  I went and bought a plastic container, filled it with water, and brought it over to the dogs.  Phucking ridiculous.

When I was 10, my evil step-father came to pull me out of school because I had forgotten to give my dog water that morning.  He totally humiliated me in front of the whole class.  I never did it again.  Maybe what these people need is a good, healthy dose of humiliation.

Always, always, always have fresh water available for your pets and livestock.  It is just common sense.  How would you feel?


American Girl said...

Good for you for looking out for the little guy! We need more people like you in the world.

Sadly what we consider 'common sense' when it comes to animal care really isn't so common in Kuwait. I have a friend who has never owned a pet but recently bought a little German Shepherd puppy (I cringed though he's a great guy). He has no idea how to housebreak her so she now lives in a cage and he's looking for someone to buy her for 400KD. I suggested a shelter or rescue (even offered to have her shipped here) but he refuses to just give her away because he wants his money back.

A pet is a family member, NOT a financial investment. The return on the 'purchase' is the unconditional love they give us.

Desert Girl said...

AmericanGirl - the same owner of Mike (the 1 mo old German Shepherd pup that I am currently looking after/training) is looking for a female. Can you give me your guy's contact details?

It is mentioned in the Quran that selling dogs is Haram. You might mention that to your friend.

Of course, since the bitch (technical term for a female dog, people)can no longer be assumed a virgin, she probably won't get the same mahar.... just sayin....

American Girl said...

Sure thing! I'll email you his name and number.