Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Avenues Ingres/Egres Gets on My Damn Nerves

I've wanted to write about this particular pet peeve for a while now.

I love to shop.  It's what I do.  I really like the Avenues and I have been dying to get there to check out some of the new sections.

I work. I'm not a housewife who can go shopping at 10am when there is no traffic.  I gotta go on the weekends or after work.  Most often, on the weekends because I'm too tired to do much after work.

... getting into and out of that mall makes my skin crawl.  The entrance from 5th Ring Road is a nightmare and the back entrances aren't much better.  I have actually driven out there several times, seen the traffic, and turned around and went elsewhere.


I don't get it.  You build a major mall and make it so difficult to get into that people are turned off.

It is going to be a nightmare before Eid.  Thank God, I will be in the States, shopping at malls with multiple ways in and out.


Baroon said...

only go on Friday morning. be there at about 9:55-10:00. finish and leave around 3:00. you will enjoy.
dont try EVER to go there weekend afternoon.

Traveler said...

I am not a "maller" but I needed to go down there twice last month adn totally agree -- who designed that traffic flow?

controlled chaos said...

Man, I could write a book on traffic, parking and just general stupidity with speed bumps round a bouts etc. in this country. This tiny country thats take forever to get anywhere. When I heard that dentist had been murdered at Avenues and the killers had gotten away, the first thing that popped into my cynical mind was ' how did the killer get through the parking lot and traffic on a weekend' I will never figure that one out