Monday, July 15, 2013

Break Time

I've decided to take a break from posting for a while.  I've received some hate mail lately and I am trying to recharge my positive energy (a month out of Kuwait and getting over Mr. Clean (actually -  just down and out dirty), so any further negative energy being sent my way is not helpful; especially as it is anonymous and unnecessary.

I don't hate anyone and that vibe will just come back to get  you later, so your bad.

A few friends have been extreeeeeeeeemely helpful lately and I am grateful for your kindness, your warmth, and your support.  Naz, Hmood, Jaber - you are stand-up guys and brothers when I need you most (anyone who says, "I am going to KICK his ASS for you!" is good in my book).  My sister and my mom have held several pep talks and turned my head around.  Stella is always my rock.  "Who was there for you?  YOU were!"

New friends have been great lately too.  The Man Above has been sending me angels right and left.

So, blogpeeps, I'll be back when my battery is back at 100%.

(I don't like Johnny Depp, but I do like this quote someone posted on Instagram...)

"There are four questions of value in life.... What is sacred?  Of what is the spirit made?  What is worth living for?  and What is worth dying for?   .......   The answer to each is the same.  Only love."


Expat and the City said...

Enjoy your break and just know that AG and Expat have your back. Your blog and life is fabulous so screw Anonymous! :p Loves ya! <3

Rob said...

Complete stranger and regular reader here, sending positive vibes your way hun. Have a great holiday!

Gotti22 said...

Say it ain't so...

But I totally understand. Keep your chin up!

Gela said...

I'm sorry you're getting hate mail. You've always been a source of positivity to me, even when you're at your sarcastic best! I guess some folks can't deal when you keep it real. All the best to you, DG.

American Girl said...

The best thing about the hate mail you're getting is the fact you have a really good idea about who's sending it, why they're sending it, and that you play no role in the reason. Further indication you've made some great decisions lately and left some truly negative people behind.

Enjoy your break, you'll be missed. But before you know it you'll be back and feeling all fabulous and whatnot.

Moses Sujan said...

Hate mail?!?! Want me to kick his or her ASS for you?! :)
A regular reader and I love your blog.. I truly understand the way you feel.. Get out there, have fun and blow some steam off..
Don't mind them haters, they gonna stay.. Always remember, you are already at a better place and they just hate that!! :P
God bless you! have a blast..

Jazz J said...

Don't let the hate mail get you down! Whenever i need a giggle and source of positivity i check your blog :) you touch so many lives you don't know of with your witty upbeat personality! chin up girl, hope everything falls in to place for you sending positive vibes your way <3