Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What happened later

Ok so if you are a frequent reader (sorry, no loyalty program yet, and even if I had one, it would probably suck), then you probably know the story of Happy last year.  La Senza asked me if I had had any developments, so I shall pass it along.

In February, I needed a little help getting my car co-signed (because you're not allowed to be an adult in this country) and I was looking for solvent friends with decent jobs.  I asked Happy and he replied in a nanosecond that he would help (in addition to several other Kuwaiti friends that jumped in immediately).  Turns out, I didn't need the co-signer after all with Al-Soor Financial.  Bygones.

Anyhoo...  Happy kind of re-appeared and we made lunch plans that never materialized.  Then, we talked on the phone and he said that he was still interested in having a relationshit with me. Whaa dufuq?  After the request he made, however, I was not eager to hear all the torid details, so I just jumped into, 'So, Happy, what are your intentions?  Do you want to eventually get married?  What do you want with me?'  The Hapster said that he never wants to get married and that was never his intention.  So I don't get (at all) why he would even bother getting into a relationshit with someone (someone who is not a lesbian or bi, which is a requirement with him).  He went on to say that he's, "a butterfly, flying here and there, free."  (Oh, ok, that just translates to, "STD" to me.  No thanks.)  So, we haven't been in touch since.  He's a nice guy on a purely friendship level but je ne interested pas.

But hey, as it turns out, I didn't get a butterfly.  I got a Border Collie. 

Border Collies are some of the smartest dogs in the species. (I love dogs and respect them and I mean everything positive and in a complimentary way.)  They are also herding dogs; keeping an alert and caring eye on the flock.  They are loyal, they are driven and active/athletic. Some have blue eyes (mine has hazel).  They are beautiful.  They are also happy to go home at night and just "be."  So, I got a Border Collie. 

F the butterflies.  Who needs that?  Fly away.... fly away....

(Yes, it is all cryptic and mysterious and that's the way it is going to stay.  Anti stink-eye, anti-stink eye...)

La Senza, I'll fill you in later. :)



Charles Schell said...

What do you mean no loyality program - what the hell do I do with all these miles???????

Expat and the City said...

Thanks for the update. We stalkers need our DG fix. ;)