Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Municipality Strikes Again: Took away my Happy Place

I'm so P'ed.  I blame myself for jinxing us all...

This past weekend, I was joking with my friend, H, about how I was planning to steal a piece of hand-made furniture that he has at his farm.  He laughed and said, "Why steal it?  I'll give it to you."  I'm like - 'Naaaah, it is way more fun to steal.  You'll know who took it.'

So, H called me at 2 am a few days later.   He rarely calls me and never so late.  Totally unlike him, but  I was too tired to pick up the phone.  He called me back at around 9 am, obviously upset.  "Do you still want the outdoor furniture I have?  I'll send it to your house?"  I said, 'Dude, why the urgency?  It was a joke.'

We have been going to his farm for the past 5 years to hang out.  All of our friends go there.  It is very casual - you can just show up and we're always welcomed.  It is an extensive circle of friends that come and go.  I'm usually there on the weekends.

For some reason, the municipality decided that they want him off the land.  It is private land that he rents.  (The land owner, his friend, couldn't do anything about it.  I don't know the full details.)  How much notice do they give him?  Less than 24 hours to vacate!!!  Ridiculous. 

See, if I was him (or anyone in his situation), I would just be hillbilly-shotgun mad.  H is a nice guy.  He just made a lot of calls, gave a lot of stuff away, and sold the rest to scavangers/used furniture people.  All in a day.

He lost about 25,000 KD.

I feel so bad for him.   I feel bad for anyone in his situation.  What is wrong with this country that this stuff goes on?  At least give reasonable notice.  A month maybe?    H is Kuwaiti.  He's quiet and doesn't bother anyone. He rents the land.   There is no need for it.

I offered to give him my lawyers number or help him move.  He was just so depressed that he wouldn't accept anyone's help, "It's done."

I wouldn't mind going in on a farm rental somewhere.  I like the weekend hang out, so I made the offer.  If anyone knows anyone with a long-term lease in Kabd, let me know.  We're looking.  ... on to the next Happy Place.

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