Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today my mother arrives in Kuwait.  It has been about 5 years since the last time she visited.  I can't wait for her to get here. 

This year, we don't have to leave The Bubble very often.  When I lived in Salmiya, my mom freaked out about the traffic and almost kissed the ground every time we "made it home alive".  Now that I'm in Rumaithiya, I don't often go to Salmiya at night or when there is a lot of traffic - I work around it.  It has become yet another area like Hawalli or Jabriya that I try to avoid (sorry Slaps but your place is different because it is easy ingres/egres).  I love suburban living in Kuwait.  I'll never ever live in a high rise again.

I got all the "mommy food groups."  We have this thing in our family about having specific foods available for specific family members.  My mom's food group consists of sparkling water, milk, coffee, and usually some kind of breakfast item like scones or croissants (Sultan Center has scones. Does anybody know where else they sell them in Kuwait?).  My food group is real simple: tequila and OJ.  My sister never comes to visit either of us, so I wouldn't know what to get her.  Maybe a leaf of lettus or something like that.

She loves yellow, so I decorated "her" room in yellow and white.  By "her" room, I mean that a while back (18+ months?) Freedom Furniture had a sale on bedroom furniture and I thought it was my "duty" to buy a bedroom set on the off-chance that my mother might come to visit (in a few years...).  What???  It was cute.

I bought some flowering plants for my terrace and my Irish Cousin came over to do "Rent-a-Husband" chores like fixing things in my bathroom and putting up a sun shade so the flowering plants won't die.  There was a huge sale at one of the nurseries on 4th Ring Road and I ended up getting 3 large flowering trees for 15KD each.  One of them, I think I may have already killed.  Don't ask me why.  I just have a brown thumb.  The only plants I can't kill are bamboo sticks that  you put in water.  Anyways, Irish Cousin did an amazing job and I'm gonna have to borrow him more often. tee hee.

I had to call Bunny the next day and confess that another man had used his power tools to drill holes in my wall.  Okay, so I bequeathed the power drill to Bunny several years ago, but then took it back and now it is mine again. I've lent that thing to everybody I know.  Now I know why men are so obsessive about not lending people their power tools!  Sheesh.  I'm missing drill bits all over Kuwait - in all sizes.  What is a girl to do without her drill bits?  What a waste of a perfectly good power tool. 

I digress.

So, Butterfly is going to go with my moms on the Morqab Tours - which reminds me that I need to call them (unless you are reading this and then you already know.  I miss you guys.)

My mom has been here so many times that it will be a struggle for me to take her to anyplace new.  She doesn't like the mall crawl; although I'm going to take her to Dean & Deluca (people watching, "Cirque D'Avenues", and food!) and 360 (because it is beautiful).  I wish I could get her out on the water because she loves it (and not just the 1KD boat either). 

I just pray that the weather is going to be nice and not dusty.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely treat, having your Mama visit! Has she been to the Tareq Rajab Museum and the nearby Calligraphy Museum? They are both really interesting places, in my opinion!

Also, how about a day at Spa Aquatonic for a facial and massage? I know that's something most mommies would enjoy and appreciate!

LWDLIK said...

Happy Birthday Princess! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw how dusty it got this evening and thought of you (and your mum)! What I wouldn't give to have my mum over! I've been in Kuwait for 2 months, 1 more to go... And it has been hard! Enjoy your time with your mum! Your blog is just about the only thing I've found myself laughing to here in Kuwait! Keep up the good work and "thanks a million" for "telling it like it is"!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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