Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greed and Waste: 4-year-old Al-Manshar Mall Being Demolished

Al-manshar mall in Fahaheel is only 4 years old.  It is a lovely little place with small souvenir shops, restaurants, etc, across the street from Kout Mall.  All the shop owners have been asked to vacate by June so that the mall can be demolished for the creation of yet ANOTHER mall with higher rents.

What a waste.

Instead of tearing lovely malls down, why not get creative and try to re-work what you have?  Malls throughout Kuwait have lots of foot traffic with very little being sold.  Al-Manshar at least has places where you can buy gift items from Kuwait (or about Kuwait).

It is owned by the same people who own the 360 Mall;  another pretty mall that lots of people don't frequent - unless it is to go to the restaurants or coffee shops.  Perhaps it is time to change the business model....

I would love to see a Mubarakia-style mall in Al-Manshar; traditional which would draw people. Lots of expats live in Fintas/Fahaheel/Mahboula - why not cater to that market?

So sad that Kuwait is obsessed with making money (and obviously - NOT with planning).

Please tell me that at the very least the building materials will be recycled.


Anonymous said...

Lived at the Manshar towers before the mall was built and just left because they are tearing down the towers with the mall. The mall when opened was never a hit, and was never fully occupied. It had potential, but the design of the area (parking/access?) and management of the mall held it back until now, where they gave in are calling it quits.

Anonymous said...

Wow. As a former ex-pat who resided in Mahboula w/o a car, this mall was my get away. I totally agree w/ you, what a waste. Why not spend the money prettying up the surrounding area???

MyriamYsabel Rios said...

Ohhh nooooo, so sad to hear about yet, another mall project! I definitivelly agree with Anonymous about beautifying the area,WE NEED NATURE!!NOT MALLS...a beautifull little place to sit with grass and flowers will be a better bet, so sick and tired of malls and the same stores all over Kw.