Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Those of you who are my friend on FB know that I love FB. I comment about everything. And now - you get to see me comment here!

I got this stupid, superficial Facebook quiz from a pal yesterday. I couldn't tell if someone created it as a spoof on Kuwaiti society or not (maybe you can tell me?). (If you even attempt to answer this first questionnaire, I immediately know which type of Kuwaiti you are: superficial.)

It irked me so I created my own:

Facebook spoofs: I frickin HATE Farmville! (I know, CK, you are addicted and you can't help it.) I don't care if someone's cute little whatever needs more powertools on their farm. OFF to the butcher!


Anonymous said...

I recently googled "moving to kuwait" and ran across your blog. Perfect!! My husband is an American contractor currently living in Fahaheel. I just returned from my first trip to Kuwait and LOVED IT. Im considering relocating there during the remainder of his time there. I have been getting mixed reviews on my decision, but I will be starting from the beginning of your blog to get a first hand account on life on the gulf, lol. Thanks a million.


Desert Girl said...

Candace - I'm really glad to hear that you loved it. You'll probably get "mixed reviews" from family/friends in the US. ("Oh my GOD! Why would you even CONSIDER moving to terrorist country?!") but take it from people who have lived here a while. It is either usually people love it or they hate it. Me? I have moments of both, but that's life. I wouldn't say I loved working in the DC area, for example, with a 90 minute drive to work every morning in heavy traffic, road rage, and a concealed weapons law.

Feel free to write to me with any questions - amerab@gmail.com.

Stan said...

Finally somehow I've overcome the Addiction of Mafia Wars though. Now to remove all those unnecessary friends from my list :-P

Anonymous said...

hi.....im ur friend on fb. I play farmville but i dont send u any invites cuz i know u dont play fv...

have a good one :)